Part 2244 – An Ill-Timed Phone Call.

Elsie kept going until she just couldn’t stand it anymore. She released her hold on his waistband.

His black slacks slumped down his legs and fell to his feet. Hildreth shook his feet out of them and kicked his shoes off. He removed his socks as quickly as he could. “Elsie.” He stood there, nearly naked and vulnerable, in just his briefs.

Elsie couldn’t tear her gaze away from him.

His bare skin.

So much bare skin. And it all calls to me.

And I want him.



She sliced through the sides of his briefs, because pulling them down would have taken too long. As they joined their fellow fallen brethren on the floor, Elsie flipped the switchblade shut.

“Elsie. Please. Please can I? Can? Can I?” His gaze went up and down her cheerleader outfit only to become fixated on the ties dangling by her legs.

She scoffed. “If you don’t, I will punch you with all of my—-”

He lunged forward and kissed her.

She pushed him back against the wall and kissed him like she wanted to eat his face clean off his face and lick the plate clean.

He grabbed the edges of her crop top and started to pull it upwards.

Hildreth’s phone chose that moment to ring.

Elsie swore furiously. She swooped down and dug his phone out of his slacks pocket. She glared at the caller id.

“Who…?” Hildreth asked.

“Believe it or not, Mark Caten.”

He frowned. “What the blue and bloody blazes—”

“I don’t know.” She shut off the phone and dropped it on top of his clothes. “And I honestly don’t care.” She caressed his chest. “There is nothing that Mark Caten can say, want, or need that would make interrupting this moment worthwhile.” She kissed him again. “So, take my clothes off, Hildreth.”

His frown lifted. “Oh yes, ma’am!”


Mark Caten redialed Hildreth’s number. It went straight to voice mail.

He scowled as Hildreth went through his recorded spiel. “And please leave a message at the beep!”

“Hi, low ranker! I will have you know that I am disappointed with you. BITTERLY disappointed. I have been waiting and waiting for you to drag Ambrose Smith over here and have you done it? Huh? HAVE YOU? No. You have disobeyed my orders and disappointed me. Maybe you don’t realize it but disappointing god is a major sin. I could send you straight to Hell for such an offense. Hahahaha! Who knows? I just might do it anyway. Call me back as soon as you can. No. Better. Don’t call. Just obey me, your benevolent and sexually exquisite god. Find Ambrose Smith and drag him over here so he may face my judgement. If you have any questions, you know my number. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Of course, you know my number. Why wouldn’t you? Buh-bye, you low-ranking loser.”

He ended the call.

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