Part 2243 – Slice The Shirt, Not The Husband.

Slice the shirt.

Stay focused.

Slice just the shirt.

Don’t get distracted.

Slice the shirt.

Don’t pay attention to his bare skin.

Slice the shirt.

Don’t pay attention to his rapid breathing. Don’t notice how his rapid breathing is affecting me.

Just slice through the shirt.

Don’t think about how much I want him. Don’t think about how eager I am to get all of his clothes off of him. Don’t think about how great he’s going to look naked.

Don’t say that last line out loud.

Just slice through the shirt and get it done.

And don’t slice him.


Hildreth leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Can’t stop panting.

Can’t stop shaking.

Can’t help feeling desperate for her touch. Just the slightest touch. I need it. Oh, I need it.


Can’t help it. Can’t help feeling aroused. Don’t want to stop. Want to. Want.


Need to. Need.

Can feel it in my lower back. Can feel it in my spine. Bright sparklers. Warmth. Heat.



Can. Can feel it.

Hildreth grunted as she sliced through the cummerbund’s folds. “Keep. Keep go. Keep. Keep going.”

The cummerbund fell away, joining the tuxedo jacket and the sliced bowtie on the floor.

She untucked his shirt, unfastened his cufflinks, removed his gloves.

“Come on. Come on. Keep. Keep going.”


Elsie stopped and admired the shirtless man before her.

His broad shoulders.

His neck.

His throat.

His scars.

So many scars. Some from Ambrose. Some from other vampires. Some from training. Some new. Some old. But none of them are ugly. Not a single one of them can make me see him as ugly. They are him. They are all a part of him and his story.

I want to touch him all over. I want to leap on him and pull him to the ground. I want….

I want.


“Els.” Hildreth swallowed hard. “Please. Please. Keep going. Need you. Keep. Keep going.” He sucked in his breath as she grabbed his slacks’ waistband and sawed through it with renewed determination.

“Ohhh. ohhhh…” He spread his hands on the wall, wishing desperately for something to grab onto. “Caref…careful. Don’t want you slicing…through—” His mind shut down on him. His voice failed.

“Don’t worry. I will not hurt you.”

He nodded. It wasn’t the correct response to a statement like that and he knew it. He just didn’t know how else to respond.

He opened his eyes and watched her work.

The sight of those frizzy ponytails made him grin.

Such a sight.


My beautiful, fierce Elsie.

He stroked some errant hair strands away from her face. “Keep going.”

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