Part 2235 – No One Stop Us! We’re Going Home!

Elsie was all done with posing for pictures, saying hello, saying good-bye, chit-chatting to friends and relatives. She was so very done with it all.

She felt a little guilty about it, but not enough to waste any thoughts on the matter. She just stayed focused on getting Hildreth to the car.

Elsie marched down the hall, past the bar, past what seemed like 350,000 assorted people, and out the door.

Hildreth kept laughing, a giddy, delighted laugh, as if he couldn’t help it. She didn’t say anything about it.

But she understood it. She felt it too. A bubbling crazy sense of relief, of freedom. Of finally.

All at once, walking wasn’t enough. Brisk walking wasn’t enough. Marching wasn’t enough. She needed something more. She needed to move faster.

She needed to run.

So, she tightened her grip on Hildreth’s hand and ran.

He laughed and ran with her.

And, even though they were holding hands, he still beat her to the car.

She released his hand and pushed him up against the car. “Hildreth.”

His eyes are so bright. So beautiful. What can I compare them to?

“Hildreth. Hildreth.”

I sound stupid like a broken record, but I can’t help it. I just want to say his name over and over and I don’t know why.

“Hildreth. I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m even talking.”

“Oh? Is there something else you’d rather be—”

“Oh, shut up. Just shut up. Just—-” She grabbed the hair on the sides of his head.

He laughed with delight. “Els—”

She kissed him – hard, hot, and hungry.

Hildreth eagerly joined in her heated kissing fun. He angled his body closer to her, touching her, pressing against her.

I need.

I need to. I need to. I need to…



Too many people around. Too many. Too…I need to…

Hildreth broke away first. He spoke breathlessly, “Oh, baby. Elsie baby, I’d hate to interrupt when….when we’re both having way…way too much fun over here. But…but you never did tell me what….what you did with those…with those dress shirts.”

Elsie stared at him. “Dress shirts? What the heck, Hildreth? Why are you talking about dress shirts all of a sudden? What—” She remembered the dress shirts buckled onto her punching dummy. “Oh, you mean those dress shirts.”

“So?” He spread his hands on her hips. “You gonna tell me or what?”

Elsie smiled. “What.” She released his shoulders. “Get in the car. I’ll take you home.” She kissed him again. “And I’ll show you everything.”

He exhaled a hard breath. “Oh, Els. You really shouldn’t tease me like that.”

“It isn’t a tease, Hildreth. It’s the truth.” She ran her finger along the straps for his Bossman 550’s holster.

He inhaled sharply as her finger travelled along the strap across his chest.

“It’s a promise. A solid before God promise that I will keep and no one will stop me. If anyone stops me, I swear I will go berserk. I will throw things. I will smash things. I will be fuming furious burning hot need to stake something and punch something mad.”

He laughed. “I love you. Oh, I love you.”

“Then, get into the car.”

He kissed her and whispered in her ear, “Yes, Mrs. Mayhew.”

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