Part 2234 – We’re All Leaving Too!

Jeff couldn’t help but laugh as Elsie dragged Hildreth out of the room.

This should hurt. It probably will hurt later. But I’m just so happy for him. My Dweeb’s a married man.

“Best of luck, Hildreth.”


Clarice came over to Jeff as he put his guitar back into its case. “Thank you for being our wedding singer.”

“Trust me. It was my pleasure.”

She exhaled a soft breath. “Would you mind walking me out? I feel so…”

He snapped the case shut. “Alone.”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to go that far. I was thinking more like…more like—”

He picked up the case and stood up straight. “You don’t need to search for brave words, Ms. Vansing. Not with me.” He switched his guitar case to the other hand and offered her his arm.

She gladly accepted it and they left the room.


Edmund left with a spectacular redhead on his arm. They talked about red hair and genetics and the best place to buy a nice after wedding reception coffee.


Darius picked up Eduardo, who was making bomb explosion sounds, much to Emeren’s consternation.

The youngest one tried to bite Emeren’s leg. “Mooooom!”

Arabella launched into a Spanish fury spiel.

All of the boys quieted down, even Eduardo.

“Fernando, give me your hand.”

Fernando meekly obeyed.

“Emeren, take your other brother’s hand and do NOT let him go.”

“Yes, mama.”

Darius and Arabella exchanged a small smile before leading their small group and Master Shinowa out of the room.


The rest of the guests left as well. Their voices merged with the others out in the hall.

The banquet hall itself sat silent and empty, waiting for the servers to come in for clean-up. Clarice’s laughter rose above the crowd’s noise.

The empty water glass on Clarice’s table knocked over.

But no one was there.

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