Part 2228 – Doughnut Holes And Flirtation Fun.

Elsie spread her hands on Hildreth’s chest. “So, what happened to just waiting for me?”

He grinned playfully. “What? I waited. I waited and then decided to stop waiting. Besides, Master Shinowa insisted that I go find you. And you know how he is. When he tells you to do something, hoooo-whee! You’d better go do it.”

Clarice opened the box of doughnut holes and poked through the varied flavors. “Hmm.”

“And. And also. Also, I wanted to do it. I wanted to come to you, Els.”

“Oo!” Clarice pulled out a lemon-frosted one and leaned back against the car. She slowly ate the frosted doughnut hole as she watched Elsie and Hildreth’s flirtation fun.

“Then, you should have just come with me in the first place.” Elsie said.

Hildreth thought it over and shook his head. “I made the right choice.”

“How do you know?”

“Vampire hunter intuition!” He pumped his fist. “Yes!”

Clarice finished that one and poked around for another.

Elsie grabbed his lapels, which made him grin all the more. “Be glad my mom’s standing right here.”

“Oh? And what would happen if she weren’t here?”

“All sorts of lovering.” Clarice said.

Elsie blushed, but she said, “Maybe.”

Hildreth laughed. “What? Only maybe? And here you are clinging so tight to my shirt front. How does that qualify as only a maybe? Wait. What would a ‘definitely’ look like? Ooo! Would you just be tearing my shirt off in public?”

Clarice nodded at the powdered sugar doughnut hole in her hand. “Definitely a whole lot of lovering.”

Elsie pulled him into a long, wonderful kiss.

He moaned softly.

touch me, Elsie. Ohh. Oh, please. Please. Touch me. I need you to touch me. Please. Please. Please.

She released him.

“Please.” he whispered.

She didn’t ask what he meant and he didn’t tell.

He didn’t need to tell.

She knew.

He could tell by the heat in her face that she knew.

“We should go back inside.”


She smoothed down his lapels. “Soon.”

Clarice ate another doughnut hole.


Jeff smiled as Hildreth led the two Vansing women back into the banquet room. He put his guitar away and walked over to them. “Hey, dweeb.”

“Hey, dork.”

Jeff soft-punched Hildreth’s shoulder. “Took you long enough to get back in here. I thought you got lost.”

“Who me? Never!”

“Yeah, right. Come on.” Jeff slung his arm over the back of Hildreth’s neck. “Let’s all sit down.”

“And have more cake?” Hildreth sounded genuinely hopeful.

Elsie shook her head. “I don’t understand how you can eat so much.”

“What? I only had five pieces, Els. I need at least one more.”

“Plus doughnut holes.” Jeff said.

“You know it, man! Plus doughnut holes.”

Elsie shook her head again, but there was laughter in her eyes.

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