Part 2211 – For The Dancing…

“I’ll swim and sail on savage seas,” Jeff sang. “With ne’er a fear of drowning.”

Hildreth grinned. “Ha!”

“And gladly ride the waves of life, if you will marry me.”

“I was wondering if you’d sing it.”

Jeff held Hildreth’s hands. “No scorching sun nor freezing cold will stop me on my journey if you will promise me your heart and love me for eternity.”

Hildreth laughed. “This is a nice moment and all, but—” He freed his hands from Jeff’s grip and went into a defensive position. His eyes sparkled merrily. “Let’s spice things up a little.”

“Sounds like fun to me. Let’s dance.”

“Absolutely. Just remember: Nothing below the belt.”

Jeff grinned. “Noted. And try not to kill me.”


Jeff resumed his singing, “My dearest one, my darling dear—”

Hildreth rushed him.

Jeff hopped back and blocked his blows. “Your mighty words astound me.” He punctuated the next line with a series of fast punches. “But I’ve no need of mighty deeds.”

Hildreth ducked and dodged as he waited for an opening.

“When I feel your arms around me.”

Hildreth saw his opening and punched him. “Gotcha!” He sang the next two lines, “But I would bring you rings of gold. I’d even sing you poetry.”

“Oh, would you now?” Jeff renewed his attack. “And I would keep you from all harm, if you would stay beside me.”

Hildreth did a quick duck dodge block punch maneuver, but Jeff slapped his punch away.

“I have no use for rings of gold. I care not for your poetry.” Jeff blocked, ducked, and grabbed Hildreth. He tossed him over the table and rushed at him. “I only want your hand to hold. I only want you near me.”

Hildreth got up to his feet and charged Jeff. “Oh, now you’re in for it.”

Jeff laughed.

They fought faster as they sped through the last two verses.

“If you will marry meeee!” They “staked” each other with their fists at the same time.

And the crowd went wild.

The two men laughed and hugged each other.

“I’ll totally trounce you next time.” Jeff said with a grin.

“Oh, we’ll see about that. But not right now. Right now, I need doughnut holes and wedding cake in that precise order.”

Jeff friendly punched Hildreth’s shoulder. “I’ll get the doughnut holes now.”

Hildreth pumped his fist. “Yes!”

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