Part 2204 – “Te Amo, Mi Amor.”

Jeff applauded along with everyone else.

Such a dweeb. But I would never begrudge him this happiness. It’s been a long time coming for him.

The applause died down and everyone settled down to enjoy their meals.

Jeff picked up his guitar and set it into position. He readjusted the strings.

How long?

Laura, how long will they have together? My dear friend and his bride. How long will their lives be?

Jeff idly strummed the guitar.

I’m hoping for a full lifetime. He deserves it…and so does she. I hope they have more kids than they even know what to do with.

I hope they never forget this day.

His fingers found a melody – a Spanish wedding song. He knew the melody by heart and by feel. He just didn’t know the lyrics or even the name of it. Spanish was not his strong point. So, he hummed along.


Arabella smiled as she recognized the melody. “Mis hijos.”

The three young boys snapped to attention.

“I want you to go to your father.” She pointed over at the wedding party table. “He’s right over there. Do you see him?”

“I see him.” Emeren said.

“Good. Take your brothers over to him. Can I trust you to do that, Emeren?”

He stiffened his posture. “Yes.”

“Good. Make sure they do not go muy loco.”

Emeren nodded. “Come on. Let’s go to dad.”

Arabella waited for the three boys to go running to their father. As soon as they reached safety, she stood and strolled over to Jeff.

He looked up at her.

She smiled and sang the Spanish lyrics.

He smiled back and joined in with her.

Arabella couldn’t help herself. She looked over at her husband.

The big grin on Darius’ face made it all worth it.

She sang to him.

She sang only to him.


Jeff’s Spanish was faulty. His r’s were flat tires with absolutely no roll to them. But he sang with her the best he could.

He watched Elsie and Hildreth take turns eating off of each other’s plate. It filled him with a mixed up feeling of pride and unspoken regret.

He left the regret unthought and unspoken.

Jeff harmonized perfectly with Arabella as they sang the chorus: “Te amo! Te amo! Te amo, mi amor. Mi corazon. Te amo.”

And his thoughts returned to Laura as they always did. “Te amo. Mi amor.”

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