Part 2182 – The Light Turned Green And…

He’s such a dweeb.

Jeff smiled as he drove to the restaurant.

Such a complete dweeb, but I can’t help but like him. I can’t help but be happy for him.

He thought about how Elsie looked as she walked down the aisle.

Her black hair under the white veil.

The liquid silverwork on her bodice.

Her silver gauntlets.

Her eagerness.

And I am happy for him.

Jeff stopped at a red light. He thought about Hildreth and Elsie saying their vows.

The love in their voices.

Their joy.

I’m happy for them both, Laura.

The light turned green and Jeff drove forward.


“Moooooooooom!” Emeren said. “Ed’s touching himself again!”

“No, I not!”

“Are too!”



“Not no!”

“Yes yes!”

Eduardo’s voice escalated into a shriek. “No No NO NOOOOOO!”

“Boys!” Darius snapped.

“What? He started it by touching himself!”

“Ed. Don’t touch yourself.”

‘Oh. Okay, daddy.”

Arabella smiled at her husband. “That was easy enough.”

“Daaaaaaaaaaad! Ed’s touching me!”

Arabella turned in her seat and gave her sons the glare of death and everlasting doom. “Do I need to come back there?”

Eduardo stopped poking his brother. “No, Mama.”


She turned forward.

Darius stopped at a red light and admired his wife. “Do you have any idea how lucky we are? Just the simple fact alone that, in a city of so many people, we found each other.”

“And we were both single.”

“In my case, I was terribly single.”

“And we found each other.”

“You saw something good in me.”

“And I always will, mi corazon.”

“You married me.”

“And I would gladly do it again.”

“You carried four babies to full term.”

“And we love them, despite their tendencies to fight and squabble.”

“And you still love me. Arabella, you still love me.”

She tucked a couple of loose hair strands around his ear. “And you love me too.”

“I always will.”

“Mooooooooooom! Rudy’s chewing on the door AND ED’S TOUCHING ME AGAIN!”

“BOYS!” Arabella and Darius shouted in unison.

All four boys settled down, even the one who wasn’t acting up.

The light turned green and Darius drove forward.


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