Part 2175 – Two Hunters’ After Communion Prayers

I shouldn’t be so distracted during Mass, but darn it! She’s so amazing and gorgeous and so darn fierce looking.

I guess I shouldn’t be thinking the phrase “darn it” in church either. Seems like that’s against all sorts of rules.

I certainly shouldn’t be thinking hot, hot thoughts about Elsie. Although, I guess calling her amazing and gorgeous and so darn fierce looking doesn’t really count as hot, hot thoughts.

I can think of plenty other things that would fit that description.

Like calling her The Lovering Machine.

He quickly coughed to cover up the laugh that escaped on him.

It’s such a wonderfully stupid nickname!

He fake-coughed again.

Elsie gave him a look.

He directed his attention to the priest straight ahead.

But when we finally get a chance to be alone without any interruptions, we will see who really owns that title. I sure hope it will be me. Elsie already has two amazingly awesome nicknames. I just have that one.

Hildreth bit down on his lower lip and tried to think serious, devout thoughts during the Consecration.

God, I can’t wait to be with her.


Hildreth and Elsie knelt at the altar rail as the priest said the prayers before Communion.

Hildreth bowed his head and his thoughts turned away from the worldly and towards the divine.


I know my faults. I know my weaknesses. I know I am far from perfect. I’m 546,982 miles from perfection. But, despite it all, come to me. On this day, this wonderful day, please come to me.

The priest turned to them and said in Latin, “May almighty God have mercy on you and, having forgiven your sins, bring you to life everlasting. Amen. May the almighty and merciful Lord grant us pardon, absolution and remission of our sins. Amen.” He picked up the ciborium and continued in Latin, “Behold the Lamb of God; behold Him Who taketh away the sins of the world.” He repeated the ‘Lord, I am not worthy’ prayer three times.

He carried the ciborium down to the altar rail, removed one of the hosts, and repeated the “May almighty God have mercy…” prayer.

Hildreth opened his mouth and let the priest put the host on his tongue. He swallowed it and bowed his head again.

Thank You.

Thank You for coming to me. Thank You, especially for this day. For letting me live to see this day. For letting me marry her. God, I love her. Thank You for bringing her into my life. I love her. I love her more than I thought I could love anyone. I will be good to her, I promise. I will keep and treasure my vows that I made today. I will never turn from them.

I will never betray her.

I love her.

My Elsie.

Oh, God! I love Elsie so much!

Thank You.


Thank You.

Thank You for today. Thank You for him. Where would I be today if Hildreth Mayhew had never entered my life? Who would I be without him? My God! Thank You for leading him to me.

Thank You.

I love him.

Elsie glanced at Hildreth, who was lost in his own prayers.

He is such a good man. I don’t know if I really deserve him. I have made things so difficult for him. I wish I hadn’t.

I love him.

I love this crazy loon of a man.

So, thank You.

Thank You for him.

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