Part 2173 – “Give Me A Sign.”

The photographer lurked conspicuously in the aisle taking pictures as his partner recorded the whole ceremony. But Clarice pulled out her camera anyway and took 8,000 pictures — both long shots and close-ups.

She zoomed in on Hildreth’s face and nodded.

Yep, Elsie definitely picked a good looker. But he is so much more than that.

She took the picture and zoomed out again.

He makes her happy. Gerry, do you see her? Our little girl’s getting married. Do you see how beautiful she looks? How happy she is? Do you see it?

She took a picture of the armed groom’s men.

Gerry, are you here with me? If you’re here, touch me. Let me know that you’re here. Just a touch. Barely a feather’s touch.

Clarice waited.

Nothing happened. Not a word. Nor a touch.

I remember.

I remember when Elsie was first born, I thought you and I were immortal. I thought we’d be together always.

I thought you’d be here to see our baby get married.

Gerry, she’s beautiful. Look at her. She is you and me combined, although I believe she’s a lot more you than me.

In so many ways.

Gerry, do you see your gauntlets on her arms? She’s wearing them in honor of you. She’s wearing them to feel closer to you on this day.

Listen. Gerry, listen! She’s saying her vows. The same vows you and I made. Do you remember that day? I do.


Gerry, I wish things could have turned out different. I wish you two could have just sat down and talked. That’s all you had to do. Just talk. She would have forgiven you, do you know that now?

Now, Hildreth is putting the ring on her finger. She’s putting the ring on his finger. Do you remember that moment with us? I was so proud, so happy.

Gerry, where are you, my love? Can you see me? Can you hear my thoughts? Where are you? Are you here with me? Or are you standing beside her?

Please be here. Let me know that you’re here. Tell me that you’re here. Give me some sort of sign.

She waited.

She watched.

She listened.

But there was no sign that Gerald Vansing was present.

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