Part 2149 – Spilling The Truth About The Institute Guys.

LM folded his arms across his chest as Jeff stood there, singing to his daughter. “I thought you were in a big rush.” he muttered.

Jeff ignored him and kept singing.

“This is ridiculous. Ridiculous, sentimental, human slushiness. It’s a waste of time. It’s drippy. It’s annoying. And it’s nonsensical.”

Capernaum put his hand on LM’s shoulder. “It’s all right. Let them have their moment.”

“Why? It doesn’t make sense.”

Capernaum smiled  kindly at him. “It does. Trust me. It does.”

LM shrugged and settled in his seat. He leaned his head back. “Tell me when he’s done.”


A memory flashed through Capernaum.

A memory of what he had left behind.

Capernaum floated over to the window and slipped through it. He rose to the top of the hospital building.

How could I ever express what I have seen, all that I know? Words are weak. Words tremble and fail.

A flock of house finches flew overhead, their streaked colors mimicking the colors in the sky.

I wish I could go back.

He stood still and watched the sun rise.

One day, I will.


Jay finished his song. “I’m sorry, but I really should go.”

“Then, go. And don’t worry about me. LM will take care of me and if he doesn’t well. I’ll take care of myself.”

“I know.” He kissed her forehead. “Be safe.”

She smiled at him. “You too. And bring me a slice of cake. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had cake and I LOVE cake.”

He chuckled. “I’ll bring you the biggest piece I can smuggle out of there.”


Jeff walked over to LM and kicked his ankles.

LM startled. “What? I didn’t do anything.”

“Good. I’m going to Hildreth’s wedding.”

“I know. We’ve already discussed this. You don’t need to abuse my ankles.”

“Keep her safe. And remember: If anything happens to her on your watch, I will never forgive you. I will thrash you to the very end of your life.”

LM shuddered. “I understand.”

“Good.” Jeff glanced over at Raven, who was still asleep. “Take care of him too.”

“I will.”


“I’ve missed out on so much and it’s my fault.” Missy said softly to herself.

Jeff left the room and closed the door.

“I guess there will be plenty of other things I’ll miss out on while I’m in here.”

LM stood. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Rewind time to before I ran off on Raven so I can stop myself from running away. If I hadn’t run off on him, I wouldn’t have missed Ambrose’s wedding. I bet he looked super handsome and she looked super pretty and I missed it. And now I’m missing my dad’s best friend’s wedding. Maybe that isn’t such a big deal. I don’t know his friend all that well but that really isn’t the point.”

LM muttered something about nonsense before saying out loud, “I don’t have time shifting abilities.”

“Too bad. Has anyone else from The Institute come to see me?”

LM flinched.

Missy noticed. “What? What happened?”

“Carthage came and…well. He tried to kill Jeff. Capernaum came with me, but he’s a ghost. And Antioch is just dead. He hasn’t come at all.”

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