Part 2147 – Shower Scene Ponderings

“Spring is here mmm. mmm. mm.” Hildreth stepped into the shower. “Birds would sing if they just knew. mmm mm mmm I say mm mmm.” He readjusted the water’s temperature. “And we’ll never mmm mmm mm any mmm.”

He ducked into the falling water and scrubbed his hair. “Because we’re goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get mm mmm mm. Goin’ to the mm mmm and we’re—” He squirted shampoo into his hand and rubbed it into his hair.

Gonna get married.

I’m getting married today.

He grinned. “Which is a completely different song. Which I won’t even bother trying to sing. Mostly because it’s just too darn fast and also because the sentiments are just all wrong.”

I want to marry her.


Hildreth rinsed the shampoo out. It slopped down his face. He scrunched his eyes and raised his face to the falling water.

I’m gonna see her strut on down the aisle, rocking some smoking hot BDSM gear.

He laughed at the mental image. “She would so punch me if she knew I was imaging something like that. But she would look amazing in tight, shiny black leather. It would be a sight to behold.” He laughed again. “No one would ever forget our wedding, that’s for sure.”


Today I’m going to marry the man that I love.

Elsie rinsed the shampoo out of her hair.

And he’ll be mine. No one else will be able to lay claim to his heart. He will be all mine to the end of my days. Maybe it will be a long marriage. I hope it will.

I want to see him hold our children. He’ll be a good father. I know it. He will love them as much as he loves me. And they will love him as much as I love him.

I’m going to marry him today. In just a few more hours, our lives will be united. His last name will become mine…Mrs. Elsie Mayhew.

There’s nothing I want more.


Am I supposed to feel nervous about finally saying our I do’s?

Hildreth soaped up his arms and his chest. “Seems like I should. Most guys get cold, sweaty feet the day of their wedding. But my feet are all nice and warm and cozy.” He rinsed the soap off. “I’m looking forward to this.”

I want her so much. It’s unreal how much I want her. I want to marry her. I want to see her pregnant.

He grinned into the falling water. “I’ll get to pester her about eating more red meat. It’ll bug her so much. After all, tofu wouldn’t be any good for our munchkin’s developing brain and organs. She’ll try to convince me otherwise, but the doctor will have my back and be all authoritative. He’ll tell her in his best doctor’s voice, ‘Must have red meat.’ Cooked red meat, of course.”

Will she be a big-bellied pregnant woman? Or will she be one of those rare and lucky few who get just a little blip of a belly?

He washed his armpits. “Either way, she will look amazing. I will tell her every day that she looks amazing, that she is amazing.”

And it will never be a lie.


Elsie rinsed the soap off her body. She remembered her mother’s advice and shaved her legs.

Will he really notice if my legs are shaved or not? Will it even matter to him? I don’t know. It seems like such a minor detail.

He’ll overlook it as soon as we touch.

Or maybe not. Maybe he’ll notice it and call me his “Neanderthal Elsie” or something along those lines.

Elsie smiled as she rinsed the soap and shaved hairs off her legs. “Or he’ll catch me by surprise and call me some other nickname. Something I won’t even expect.”

Her smile grew.

He’s such an idiot, but I love him.

I love him.

I love Hildreth Mayhew so much.

I will love being married to him.

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