Part 2119 – What Mark Caten Wants Preyuna To Do.

I feel dirty, but there is nothing that can clean me. I helped Mark Caten. Despite everything that he’s done to me and all of the insults he’s hurled at me, I helped him.

Even worse, I stood by him. I supported him. I sang his song and danced to his rhythm.

I threatened that peace dragon the way he would have if he had my shapeshifting ability. Am I losing myself? Am I becoming more and more like him?

Preyuna refused to let her self doubts show. She strode down the hall with a queen’s pride. Mark Caten had to walk briskly to keep up with her.

What if I am turning into him? What will that mean for my harem when I return? Will I wind up hurting them the same way he hurts me? Will they grow to hate me the same way I hate him?

But what can I do?

Until I can leave this horrible place, I must do what I can to survive. I must protect myself. I must not let him break me down.

Even if that means cooperating with him.

Mark Caten grabbed her hair and jerked it.

She spun around and tried to slap him.

He caught her wrist in time. “Now, now, cupcake. You know full well that you are not supposed to strike your lord and god. That’s just so wrong.”

“What do you want?”

“Uhhh, I was telling you what I want, but you weren’t listening.”

She jerked her hand out of his grip. “Well?”

“My guard is as dull-witted and as plain as a workman’s boot, but eventually he will catch on. He’ll gasp melodramatically and think “ohhhhh! I could look at the monitors and see if my little fey’s pet monster has shown up.’ Well, guess what he’ll see if he looks at those monitors? He’ll see that vampire AND he’ll see you and me capturing him. Do you realize the level of pain and annoyance that will lead to?”

“I can imagine.”

He smirked. “Of course, you can. I want you to do whatever hoodoo you have to do to get rid of his image on my monitor. Of course, you’ll have to get rid of our entire encounter with him as well as us locking him up in his cell. Don’t leave any clues that something is missing. Do a good job and I just might reward you.”

“You’ll send me and my other fey home?”

He wrapped his hands around her neck. “What do you think, cupcake?”

No. The answer is no, but…

Hope fluttered inside of her.

What if it’s yes? What if he actually tells me yes? Can I even hope for it? I know him. I know him all too well.

But maybe.

“I’d prefer to keep my thoughts to myself.”

“Hahahahaha! What a sad, sad answer. Oh, well. We can discuss this later. We don’t want my guard to beat us to the monitors, now do we?”

“Of course not.”

He released her neck. “Then, let’s go.”

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