Part 2106 – “How Do We Start This?”

I think I’m dreaming.

I fell asleep and I’m dreaming.

But if I’m dreaming, why is my heart beating so fast?

Barbara looked at the handsome man holding her hand.

How can any of this really be real?

She lead him to the front door. He held onto her hand the whole way there.

In just a few short seconds, everything that I’ve been wanting and trying not to think about will become a reality. He will remove my clothes and I will remove his.


Disconcerting feelings played throughout her body, making her too nervous to breathe right. Nerves that she had never even thought about before twinged in excitement.

Yet, somehow she managed to unlock the front door without dropping her keys even once. She considered it to be a small miracle.

Barbara opened the door.

He gently kissed the side of her neck. “Barbara.”

She closed her eyes at the nearness of his voice.

“May I carry you across the threshold?”

“I wish you would.” Desire heated Barbara’s voice.

“Well. If you insist.”

She let out a delighted yelp as he swooped her into his arms.

Ambrose grinned and carried her into the house. He carefully set her down. “Welcome home, Mrs. Smith.”

“Welcome home, Ambrose.”  She took his hands and any nervousness she felt fled away. “Come. Come with me.”


His nerves jumped.

His body went haywire berserk.

His brain refused to process what was happening. It could only process the most basic of information.

Their hands clasped together.

The brightness in her eyes.


His desire.

Her desire.

Their desire enmeshed by their fingers.

Walking to her room.

Trying not to trip and stumble.

Entering her room.

She turned the light on and that pulled him back to his senses.

He closed the door.

“Lock it.” she said, surprising him. “I can’t imagine who would want to come barging into my bedroom this late at night, but I don’t want to take any chances. So, lock it.”

Ambrose smiled and obeyed.

She huffed out a breath as he turned to face her. “So? What do I do? How do we start this?”

If I had no care for her feelings, I would tear her clothes off. I would pin her down on the bed. I would have my way with her. I would make her scream. I would make her bleed.

But I don’t want to be like that with her. I want her to feel safe.

I want her to feel loved.

He returned to her and went down on one knee. “I will let you undress me first. Go about it as slow or as fast as you want. Touch me. Touch me wherever and however you wish. If you want to hurt me, hurt me. I am yours.”

“Then?” she asked breathlessly. “When I’m done?”

“Then, I will undress you. I will be gentle. I will show you what the term ‘lovemaking’ really means to me. If you don’t like anything that I’m doing, tell me to stop. I will stop. I will not hurt you. I will not do anything that will make you afraid of me. I promise.”

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