Part 2103 – Don’t Mind Me Panicking In The Passenger Seat.

“Devin walked into the room. As soon as he saw Jamboree, he switched up his gait into a full, hip-swiveling saunter. It wasn’t exactly the most natural or the most comfortable way to walk, but he knew that girls couldn’t resist it. Jamboree was a girl. How could she possibly resist such seductive maneuvers?”

Missy yawned.

Raven lowered the book. “Are you all right?”

“Tired.” She opened her eyes. “Do you mind if I go to sleep?”

“Of course not.”

Her eyelids closed again.

“As long as you do wake up.”

“I will. Don’t worry.” She yawned again. “I’ll wake up.”

Raven set the book on the bed and watched Missy fall asleep. “I am here, Missy.” He stroked the clear square of tape keeping her IV in place. “I am right here.”


Ambrose buckled up his seat belt and side glanced at Barbara. He smiled at her serious expression as she fastened her seat belt.

My love.

“There we go!” She looked up and met his gaze for just a few minutes.

And a few minutes felt like hours.

She exhaled softly and quickly looked away.

What if she doesn’t want me?

Barbara put her key into the ignition and started the car.

What if she rejects me? Would she? After waiting for so long, would she really push me away?

He tucked her loose hair around her ear.

I don’t think she will. But she might. There’s a small possibility that she might tell me “No, I don’t want you.” Or she might say, “There’s nothing desirable about you.” Or maybe, “I don’t want you like that. I have never wanted you like that.” Then, what am I supposed to do?

She drove out of the parking lot. “You’re very quiet.”


She side-glanced at him. “Is something wrong?”

“Nervous.” He laughed half-heartedly. “Robin would smack me upside the head if he knew that I was still nervous. He’d call me an idiot and I’m sure he’d call me plenty of other things.”

“Ambrose, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

“That’s what he would say.”

Barbara stopped at a red light. “That’s what I say.” She shifted in her seat. ‘Ambrose, I will not reject you. If I don’t like what you’re doing or how I’m feeling, I will tell you. I may not have any experience, but I will tell you what you can do differently to make me happy. I will never leave you confused about what I want.”

“How can you be so calm while I’m an utter wreck?”

Her expression turned serious as she thought it over. “I’m nervous too. But I’m just worried about the physical part of it all. I’m not worried about you wanting me. I know I have nothing to be afraid of in that department. You definitely won’t reject me.”

“You presumptuous creature.”

She gave him a questioning look. “Am I wrong?”

“No.” His gaze caressed the lines of her face. “Not wrong at all.”

“That’s what I thought.”

And the light turned green.

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