Part 2101 – Sarah And John Are Thinking About Ambrose And Barbara.

Raven picked up the book and resumed reading it out loud. “Where was I? Ah! Here. The token gay guys hooted and hollered. He flashed a toothpaste commercial-worthy smile. At least five gay guys fainted. Annnnd Freeze Frame! Hello. You see that hot guy without his shirt on? That would be me. Just take a moment to admire my physique. Do you need another moment? No? Okay. Anyway, that’s me. My life is wonderful. I am wonderful.”

Missy smiled. She laid back on her pillow and closed her eyes.

“Are you well, Missy?”

“Just resting my eyes. Keep reading.”

“I have admirers. I have fan clubs. I have a cult. I have everything I could ask for. I even have one and a half stalkers. Life is pretty sweet if you ask me. But that is going to change. And it is going to change very shortly. I’d say within the next….fifty-five words. So, hold on tight. Annnnnd End Freeze Frame!”

As Raven read on and on, Missy mentally cast Raven as Devin and it made her very happy.


Sarah curled up on Barbara’s old bed at John’s house. He had insisted that she sleep in there and she had decided not to argue it. Sleeping alone, however, made her feel lonely.

She missed Barbara by a lot. She couldn’t help it. Barbara was good and nice and she would never in a million years do anything to hurt Sarah. She was good. She was safe.

She missed Ambrose by a whole lot more. She didn’t even need to think of all the reasons why she missed him.

She just did.

But he was with Barbara and that was good. He was right where he was meant to be.

Sarah remembered how Ambrose and Barbara looked at each other, the way they kissed each other, the way they couldn’t stop touching each other. She nodded emphatically and rolled over on her side.

They were right where they were meant to be.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Ambrose is a better man than he thinks he is.

John rolled over on his back and opened his eyes.

A better man.

I know that to be true. Still. He’s gonna go home with her tonight. They will undoubtedly have their first time together tonight. Will he be good to her? Will he show her love and respect? Or will he brutalize her?

John smiled. “No, he would never hurt her like that. Maybe there was a time that he would have been that selfish and cruel. But that time is far in the past. I trust him. I believe in him. I know that he will do the right thing.”

He closed his eyes again and relaxed.

Ambrose is a better man than he used to be. He will take care of my little girl. He will show her kindness. He will show her respect.

He will love her.

John sighed contentedly.

Carrie, I have nothing to fear.

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