Part 2091 – No Scent And Broken Wings

No scent trail.

No sight of him.

No sign of him.

Maelin walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

No sight of him.

No scent trail.

“But that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t here.” She raised her head and the wind made her hair ripple. “He still might have found a way to get inside. But he isn’t with Isellta. If he found a way inside, he would go straight to Isellta. Which means only one thing: He has been captured and locked in the dungeon somewhere.”

But Jay has already checked the dungeons. It isn’t too likely that he would have overlooked Robin. If he’s in the dungeons, Jay would have found him. I have no doubts about it.

But we’re overlooking Preyuna. She could have done something to make him hard to find.

Maelin turned around and headed back to the front side of the mansion.

Her magic won’t block me. If Robin is in the dungeons, I will pierce through her magic and I will find him.


The pain was intense. It radiated up into Preyuna’s neck and through her jaw. It shot down to her fingernails. It throbbed inside her elbows and all she wanted to do was scream.

Mark Caten dropped the wing cutters on the floor. “There.” He put his hands on her broken trec lun bones and rubbed the inside with his thumbs.

The pain blasted up into her eyes and down into her knee caps. An involuntary moan escaped her.

Mark Caten looked at their reflection in her vanity mirror. “Look at you, cupcake. Look at us.”

I want to curl up on the floor and scream. But I will not do that in front of him.

Even though her mouth and neck muscles twitched from the pain, Preyuna defiantly raised her head.

“It’s so good to see you like this. Broken. Humbled. Defeated. Especially since you were hoping to defeat me. Oh, my poor delusionally frosted cupcake. You should know by now that you will never defeat me. I will always outsmart you or my guards will always step in to defeat your pathetic plans.”

“Wonderful. I’m so thrilled for you. Can I heal myself now?”

“No, not yet. I want to savor this moment.” He pressed his thumbnails into the exposed bone.

Her breath caught in her throat as the pain spiked.

“I noticed that you did some sort of magic before we left Robin’s cell. What was it?”

She clenched her teeth. “If you think I’m going to tell you—”

He smirked and dragged his thumbnail down.

She couldn’t hold the scream in this time.

“Hahahahaha! Don’t try keeping secrets from me, my cheap drugstore artificially colored artificially flavored banana peanut cupcake. I might lose my cool and snap your wings right off.”


He dug deeper, pulling another scream out of her.

“Fine!” she cried out. “I’ll tell you. Get your hands off of me and I’ll tell you.”

He raised his hands. “Well?”

“It’s…” She bowed her head and struggled to regain control over herself. “It’s a diversionary spell. It.” She cleared her throat. “It keeps one from seeing what’s in plain sight. It is a powerful spell. It even works on all species of dragons. It is one of the very few fey spells that work on dragons.”

“I approve. I’m just….hmmm. Should I say surprised or disappointed? that you didn’t use that on your little flour cake boy.”

“Because it doesn’t work like that. It…It…Mark, please. Let me heal myself. Please! It hurts.”

“No. I want to hear all about diversionary spells first.”

“Why? You can’t even use magic!”

“Hahahahahahahaha! So? Who says I want or need to use magic? I get what I want  through the power of my godly charisma and overwhelming charm. But, of course, you already knew that.”

“Mark, please!”

“Besides all that, I spared your wings. I could have chopped them right off, but I didn’t. I’m so frightfully merciful. Sometimes I just have to make up for it. I don’t want you or anyone else to think of me as a pathetic pushover. That would never do, you know.” He propped his chin on top of her head. “So, go on. Tell me all about your diversionary magic.”

If only I could kill him. If only I could tear him apart. If only I could break him one bone at a time and tear his skin off.

Preyuna looked at their reflection in her mirror.

If only I could kill him.

Robin will kill him. I will talk to him without Mark Caten hanging over my shoulder. I will talk to him and make he see what that monster does to me. He will understand. He will help me.

Robin will kill him and he will kill him according to my very strict instructions. Mark Caten will die a pathetic and miserable death.

I will make sure of it.

“Very well, oh Great and Merciful Master.”

He clapped his hands. “Yes! I am your master. Don’t you ever forget that, cupcake.”

She smiled through the face twitching and all of the pain. “I won’t.”

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