Part 2085 – Seeking A Ringing Phone

Jay made it all the way to the dungeon’s top floor.

So, he wasn’t down in any of those levels. I could double check the cells on this floor, but. I have a better idea.

He pulled out his cell phone and called Robin’s number again.

The phone rang.


Robin listened to his phone ring and ring and ring.

Darnation! I sure hope that ain’t a spam call. That would bug me bad. Gettin’ me all hopeful that it’s one of my guys or Isellta and it ain’t even none of ’em.

He tried to pull his arms away from the wall.

He had no such luck.

The phone kept ringing.


Jay walked past the prison cells, listening for anything that sounded like a ring tone.

A snippet of a popular song.

A quick movie quote repeated over and over.

A frog croaking.

A dog barking.

A cow.

A bear.

A moose.

A hive of bees.

A horror movie scream.

Anything that sounded out of place.

He heard nothing of the sort.

The call went to voice mail.

Jay ended it and hit redial.

The phone rang and rang.

And he kept walking and listening.


The phone call ended.

Robin tried to kick the wall.

He tried to wiggle into a different position.

No such luck.

No such luck.

He tried to shake his head.

He tried to tilt his head upwards to dislodge the mouth guard keeping his mouth clamped shut.

No such luck.

No such luck.

The phone rang again.

Robin screamed, but it was not at all satisfying. The sound stayed muffled inside his mouth and resounded inside his head.

Not in the least bit satisfying.

Isellta! ‘sellta! Come to me. Let me see you. ‘sellta! ‘SELLTA!

Jay walked past his cell door again, but he never looked at it.

Robin scowled at him and projected his thoughts at the guard.

Hey! Stupid! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!

Jay ignored him and kept walking.

Robin let all of his frustrations loose in a loud scream.

Jay didn’t even look back at him.


“And it’s voice mail again.” Jay ended the call. He stopped and looked back.

Something doesn’t feel right.


No. Everything’s accounted for. Maybe I’m overlooking something?

He walked down the aisle again, checking every cell.


Robin’s good pupil widened as Jay turned around and walked down the aisle.

I’m here. Stupid dumb guard! I’m here. I’M HERE!


Jay stopped at a cell half-way down the aisle.

He looked inside.


Robin’s heart leaped.

Look at me! See me!


There was no one inside.

The cell was empty.

Jay sighed.

“I guess Isellta was wrong. Robin isn’t here.”


Darn it, man! How blame-headed stupid are you? I’m right blinkin’ in front of you!


Jay pulled out his cell phone again and redialed Robin’s number.


The phone rang in Robin’s pocket.

You hear that, right? You can hear that much. You—

Jay sighed and walked away.

No! NO!

Get back here! Come back! I’m right here! I’m here! Why can’t you hear me? Why can’t you see me? I’m right here!


Jay ended the call and walked towards the staircase. “Great. Just great. I get to disappoint Isellta again.”

He stomped up the stairs. “Just what I wanted to do today.”


What the heck?

What the ever-livin’ heck?

Maybe his hearin’ ain’t all that great.

But it don’t matter. Isellta will hear me.

Isellta will come to me. He’ll see me.

My Isellta.

My sweet, beautiful Isellta will come to me. He’ll hear my voice in his mind and he’ll come runnin’ to me.

If he ain’t dead.

‘sellta. ‘sellta. My angel. My beautiful black-winged angel. Hear me. Come to me. Please. Please. I’m here. Find me. Come to me. I’m here. I’m freakin’ here.

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