Part 2073 – A Question For Hank And Dave.

Robin waited.

He’ll come.

I know he come.

Robin watched.

My ‘sellta will come.

I know ‘sellta will come to me.

Robin watched the cell door.

He’ll come to me and I’ll see him.

He’ll unmask me.

He’ll set me free. I know he will.

‘sellta. My ‘sellta. You hear me? I’m here, you beautiful creature. Please come to me. I’m here. I’m here. Please hear me. Call my name. Let me know you’re okay. Let me know you can hear me. ‘sellta. My beautiful fey.

Jay walked past Robin’s cell door without even looking.

I could call to him, but he ain’t the one I want. I want Isellta.





Dave shifted into a more comfortable position. “Wait. I’m sitting here right next to Doll Face and I’m not being pushed away. Why?”

Isellta smiled. “Because Robin is here. Her Majesty promised me that she would lower the barrier when Robin came so I’d be able to touch him. So, you see? He is here.”

“Your voice sounds so dry.” Maelin said. “I’ll get you something to drink.”

He tilted his head and blinked. “You don’t think so?”

“I hope so, angel. I’ll be right back. Dave and Hank, please keep him safe.”

“Of course.” Hank said.

Isellta sighed happily. “He is here, Mae. He’ll come to me. I know he’ll come to me.”

“I’m sure he will.” She left the room.

Robin! Robin, I’m here! Can you hear me? It’s me. Isellta. I’m yours, Robin. I’m your Isellta. I’m all yours. Please come. Come to me. I’m here.





Dave snuggled against Hank’s arm.

Hank smiled lovingly at him. “You look tired, babe.”

“I am, but it’s a happy kind of tired.”

“So, we’re gonna go right to sleep when we get back in our own rightful room?”

Dave snapped his head up. “What? You mean…You don’t want to…Oh.” He released Hank’s arm and sat back. “I’m sorry. I. I didn’t think you would mind if we—”

“Babe, hey. Don’t get yourself into a downbeat attack.” He kissed the side of Dave’s face. “I was just teasing. You know how I am. You know how hard it is for me to resist you.”

Dave beamed.

“All you gotta do is look at me and I’m lost.”

“Eeee!” Dave tackled him down to the bed, pretty much right on top of Isellta.

Hank burst out laughing. “Babe, this is not the right place.”

“Then, you shouldn’t say such darned romantic things.” Dave kissed him.


I love the way he kisses me.

The feel of his lips.

The heat of his breath.

The tip of his nose rubbing against my skin.

I love it.

I love you, Dave. I would kill Mark Caten without a thought if he ever hurt you.


Isellta struggled to shift into a more comfortable position, but he was just too weak. He gave up with an unhappy sigh.

But it’s such a small thing.

I’m alive.

I’m alive and Robin is near. He is here. I’m going to see him. Jay will find him. I will see him again and again. My Robin.

My Robin.

He looked up at the ceiling.

He remembered the nae bi sha’s touch. He remembered how that creature had made him feel.

Will I feel that way for Robin? What if I do?

The things that nae bi sha did to me…

Hank let out a happy yelp. “Babe! Not here.”

“Sorry.” Dave sat up and Hank followed suit.

“Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you.” He smiled. “Far from it.”

Dave smiled, a big and happy smile.

Maybe they can tell me.

Hank kissed the side of Dave’s face. “You’re so darned cute.”

After all, I’m sure they have done it.

But maybe they haven’t.

He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m curious. Have you two already hrrash ka kaed?”

“Have we…what?” Hank frowned. “What? Wait. Are you asking if Dave and I have…? Well, I can’t imagine what else a phrase like that could mean. So, yeah. Dave and I have totally done that.”

“Oh.” Isellta closed his eyes for a couple of minutes. “Robin and I never did. I’m not sure if he’ll want to be with me. After what Her Majesty has done to me, I can’t imagine that he’d want me like that.”

Dave put his hand on top of Isellta’s hand. “I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t. You’re so doggone cute and lovely. He’ll probably fall to his knees and beg you to do the deed with him. If not….No. That can’t be right. I can’t picture him telling you no. I would sure say yes to you.”


“Sorry. I meant if I weren’t with Hank.”


Isellta opened his eyes. “If Robin did want me, what would I do? I know it would not be like doing it with Her Majesty. There are obvious physical differences. But I don’t know what to do.”

Dave clasped Hank’s hands. “Oh! Ohh, we could do a full demonstration for him.”

Hank blushed. “Uhhh, no. I’ll explain it to him.”

“Without any demonstrations?”

“Not a single one.”

Dave shrugged. “That doesn’t sound like it will be any fun.”

“I’m saving that fun for later. For just you and me.”

“Eeeeee! Why do you have to be so romantic in all of the wrong places?”

Hank laughed. “Force of habit, babe. Absolute force of habit.”

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