Part 2065 – Revelation In The Star’s Only Light

Mark Caten’s blood stained Robin’s knuckles.

Go, Robin! Hit him harder. Faster. Hit him for you. Hit him for me. Hit him for Isellta. Hit him for every person he has wronged and hurt and belittled and bullied.


Preyuna frowned.

This is satisfying, but it isn’t brutal enough. Mark Caten deserves so much worse. I want him to crawl. I want him to grovel at my feet. I want to see him lost and broken and desperate.

“Robin!” She grabbed him and pulled him away from Caten.

He snarled and lashed out at her. “You. You hurt Isellta. I ain’t sure what you did to him. All I know is you hurt him. When I spoke to him on the phone, he was upset. He tried to brush it off as happiness, but I ain’t stupid. I know he was hurtin’. I know you had somethin’ to do with it.” He extended his claws and aimed a blow at her face.

She caught his wrist. “What happened to Isellta was his own fault. Don’t blame me.”

He tried to pull his wrist free. “Where is he?”


“Where is he?”

She sighed and released him. “Could you just contain your unbounded human emotions for just one minute? I have a request. I want you to kill Mark Caten, but I want you to take it slow. I want to hear him scream. I want to hear him plead for mercy. I want him to crawl, bloody and broken, to me.”

“Sorry, babe. That ain’t my department. I ain’t that kind of guy. I’m more fist and claws. I ain’t no dainty torturer.”

Preyuna quietly considered throttling him. “I don’t care. I want it done.”

“Ain’t innerested in helpin’ you.”

“If you kill him according to my directions, I will give you Isellta. Do you understand that? Isellta will be yours if you could just kill this one horrible human.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Mark Caten struggled up into a sit. His voice was slushed and slurry as he spoke, “Look at you, my little cupcake. Plotting my demise. Hahahahahaha. I may be down—-” He reached into his pocket and pulled out an iron cigarette case. “—-but I am not out.” He pressed a button on the side.

Robin threw his head back as the exhilarating sensation of a blood high came over him. “Oh. Ohhh. Isellta. ‘sellta.”




Isellta’s eyes widened as he remembered.


This. This is not Robin.

The star shined bright above him.

He’s there. My Robin. My real Robin is there!

The star brightened.


Who’s with me?

He struggled to take a breath. His body wanted to end the struggle, to no longer worry about inhales or exhales.

And it was tempting to just let go, to just give in.


My Robin. I want to see you again. I need to see you.

He haltingly turned his head to face the unknown. He exhaled. “Let…me…see.”

“Okay. You asked for it, little fey.”

A thrill raced through Isellta’s body as Robin crawled out of the shadows and into the star’s light. “See? I’m me. I’m Robin.”

It’s Robin! It’s…It’s…


I know it isn’t him. I don’t feel that pull towards him. It isn’t him.

Isellta shook his head. “Let…me…see…”

Robin smirked. “And here I thought you were stupid. Guess I was wrong.” Robin’s humanity dissolved into a shadow creature with cold yellow eyes.

Isellta’s eyes widened in fear. His mouth opened in a breathless gasp.

The creature crawled on top of him. “This is what I am, little fey. I am what your people call a nae bi sha.”

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