Part 2063 – Mark Caten = Olessa Caten…Or Maybe The Other Way Around.

Ambrose’s lover? What? Is he meanin’ Barbara?

“I ain’t sure what you’re gettin’ at. What? You got problems findin’ a lover of your own so you gotta steal Am’rose’s girl? Dang! You’re pathetic.”

“You idiot!” Mark snapped. “Do you really think a magnificent god such as myself could possibly have problems finding a lover? If you do, you’re the pathetic one because you are obviously BLIND!”

“Whate’er. You ain’t even all that. Ambrose is way hotter.”

Mark Caten gaped, clearly too astounded for any sort of comeback.

Preyuna took advantage of Caten’s silence. “Ignore him, miserable human. Listen to me. No matter what he may say, Isellta belongs to me. I am Queen Preyuna of the Fae. He is a member of my harem. He is my responsibility. He is mine.”

Robin held his hand up in a halt gesture. “Tell you what. You and soured milk face here can duke it out o’er who owns Isellta. I ain’t innerested in listenin’ to that debate. It’s all a bunch of bunk, anyways. I need to see him. Tell me where to go and I’ll—”

“I need you to kill Mark Caten.” Preyuna just blurted it out.

“Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Mark Caten smirked. “Look at you, cupcake. Being so wonderfully direct.” He sauntered behind her and grabbed her sides.

She visibly tensed up.

His voice darkened as he said, “Why don’t you go inside, Preyuna?” His fingers dug into her. “Consider this to be another failed attempt on my life.”

She gasped. “Mark, please.”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You know better than that, cupcake.”

She closed her eyes in a pained gesture. “Oh, great lord, god, and master.”

“Tsk. You forgot to capitalize the letters again. I can tell, you know.”

Robin’s good pupil widened as he recognized the snide tone, the barely disguised cruelty.


He shuddered and backed away.

Preyuna and Mark Caten kept talking to each other, but Robin heard her voice. He saw her face.

Her many masks.

“Oh, but does it really matter?”

“Fey! Pick that up.”

“This is so exciting! I’ve never—“

She pressed the blade against the middle of his forehead. 

“—done THIS—-”

The blade broke through his skin.


Blood trickled in fast streams as she dragged the blade through his skin.

His eye.

His face.



Robin shook his head. “No. NO!”

They stopped in mid-sentences.

“I ain’t helpin’ either of you.” He marched up to Mark Caten and shoved him away from Preyuna. “‘specially not you.”

She laughed as he screamed.

She laughed as he bled.

Robin bared his fangs. “I ain’t e’er gonna help you, Olessa.”

Mark Caten reeled back as if Robin had slapped him.

She laughed at his pain.

She laughed at his suffering.

A growl rumbled low in the vampire’s throat. “I hate you.” He charged at Caten and punched him.

“This is so exciting! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Robin roared and punched Caten over and over.


Preyuna stepped out of the way and smiled.

Looks like I’m going to win this time, Mark.

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