Part 2058 – What Am I To You?

Preyuna stalked down the hall.

I can’t believe he’s still blaming me for Isellta’s mental weakness. Such a dirt stupid human. How can he be that stupid and still be alive? It’s something I will never understand.

It isn’t my fault. How can it be my fault? Why does it have to be my fault? Why me?

Isellta’s the one clinging desperately to a monster. He’s the one who refused to come back. It’s his fault for going there in the first place.

Not my fault.

Not mine.

It’s his.

Just his.

But what would have happened if I had treated him with kindness?

One of Caten’s servants, a frumpy man with a bad mullet, strolled over to her. “Hey there, baby.”

She magically shoved him out of the way and kept walking.

Would it have made any difference? Probably not. That stupid boy is so mentally stuck on being in loooooove with that ugly vampire. Of all of the ridiculous, most nonsensical things! How could he love what isn’t beautiful? How could he love something that is so ruined? How could he love a face that is so prominently scarred?

And I won’t even mention his hideous personality.

Robin isn’t worth it. He isn’t worth anything.

She turned the corner and headed towards the front door.

So, why does Isellta love him? Why does it have to be him?

Why can’t it be me?


Mark Caten smirked as Preyuna stormed outside. “Aww, look. My little cupcake is going to wait for Robin. How cute.” He took another sip of his drink. “That should be a very entertaining conversation. Oh, I’m sure she’ll try to talk him into killing me. I just don’t know why she wants me dead.”

He took one more sip.

I’m everything she wants. I am exactly what she deserves. If I die, she will miss me. How could she expect anyone else to take my place? Who would be able to make love to her the way I do? She will miss it. She will miss me more than she knows.

And that is the solid truth.


Preyuna closed her eyes and soaked in the balmy night air.

Robin will come.

Of course, he will come.

I will lead him to Isellta. I will let him touch Isellta. I will let him speak love to him. Isellta will wake.

I know he will. Of course, he will. After all, Robin is his lover. Robin is his lifeline. Robin is his idol.

And I? What am I to Isellta? What does he see when he sees me? Someone to be feared and that is all. He will never love me. No matter what I may say, think, or do, Isellta will never love me. I will never get that chance. I will never be able to make him love me.

Isellta’s dying.

Is it my fault?

If I had been kind to him, if I hadn’t hit him and pushed him so hard, would it have made that much of a difference? Or would he still have found some reason to slip into fra nae shi?

A motorcycle blatted and blared its way up the long driveway.

Preyuna opened her eyes.

Is it him?

Robin, is that you?

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