Part 2053 – Friends Meet On A Train.

As the train rushed on to its destination, the muscles in Robin’s legs twitched and jolted. He wanted to jump up and pace, but he wasn’t alone in that part of the train. There were other passengers. They would range from creeped out to full out panic-ridden if he started to pace like a crazy person.

Robin pulled out his phone and called Jay’s number. It went straight to voice mail. “Darnation! Here we go playin’ phone tag again. Hey. Case you didn’t recognize my voice, this is me. Robin. Hey, I’m on my way to Henspence. Tell my ‘sellta I’m comin’. Tell him I love him. I love him so much. Yeah, I know it’s dumb and stupid gettin’ you to tell him that when I’ll be there in a matter of minutes. But I just want him to know. I want him to know now. ‘sellta. My beautiful ‘sellta. I love you. I’ll be there soon. I’ll see you.”

He ended the call.

And the train kept clacking forward.

Robin slumped down in his seat and remembered a line from a play he’d been in. “It’s a long drive from here to there, my boy, but just a short train ride.”

If that’s really the case, why’s this trip takin’ so blasted, blamed long? Why can’t we just pull up to the station already? Why ain’t we there yet?

He groaned. “Takin’ so long. Just wanna get there already.”

“Hey. Is this seat taken, buddy?”

Wait. I know that voice.

Robin raised his head. “Bri!” He stood and hugged him.

Brian patted his back. “Long time no see.”

They released each other.

“You stayin’ out of trouble?”

Brian chuckled. “I’m still alive. Does that count as yes?”

Robin laughed. “I’d say it does.”

“So, what’s happening with you?” He gave Robin an appreciative look-over. “You getting married?”

“Wha? Oh, tch. Not hardly.”

“So, why the tux?”

“I just attended a weddin’ for one of my friends and now I’m on my way to Isellta.”

Brian quietly processed that information.

“I know it looks freakin’ weird.”

“No, it looks good. I was just thinking that your Isellta is going to lose his mind when he sees you.” He chuckled. “Might even lose a whole truckload of other stuff, if you get my meaning.”

“I get your meanin’ all right, but I’ll be the one losin’ all that stuff when I see him. I’ve missed him so bad.” Robin gave his friend a questioning look. “What you doin’ runnin’ the lines?”

“I was feeling restless. I’m not really sure why. I just woke up and felt that need to leave town.”

“Where you aimin’ to go?”

Brian shrugged. “I’m just riding the rails. I’ll get off when I feel the time and/or place is right. Or, who knows, I just might head back to Pinkerlee. Where’s your stopping point?”

“Henspence. That’s where ‘sellta is.”

Brian smiled. “I wish you both all the best.”


The train began its slowdown. The overhead speaker dinged. “Hello, my magnificent darlings! We are coming up to the town of….town….of…wait. I don’t think this place counts as a town. I think city is the right word. Anywho! We are coming up to the town/city/borough/whatever you want to call it, but be sure to call it Henspence! Because that is it’s proper name. Although, I have heard rumors that Mark Caten tried to get the name changed to Catenwood. But no one else wanted Henspence to be called Catenwood, which is really a shame. I think Catenwood has a nice, haunted sound to it. It conjures up mental images of spiders and mummies in closets and zombies munching on brains.”

The train slowed to a stop.

“Buuuuuut, anyway! Here we are. We are here at HENSPENCE! WHOOO! Be sure to say hello to all of the beautiful Henspencers out there.” The conductor blew a kiss into his microphone. “You are all so fabulous! Have a great trip and be sure to buy plenty of souvenirs.”

Robin and Brian hugged one more time. “You stay out of trouble, okay?”

Robin pressed his fist above his friend’s heart. “Don’t get staked.”

Brian copied Robin’s gesture. “Back at you.”

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