Part 2049 – This Is Not a Dream Sequence. This Is Really Happening.

Robin boarded the train and took his seat.

This is real.

I ain’t dreamin’ this.

This is really happenin’.

His stomach lurched as the train began its journey.

He grinned. “I’m gonna see him. I’m gonna see my beautiful Isellta again. I’m gonna see him. I’ll be able to touch him. After so many freakin’ months of seein’ him on a screen and tryin’ my best at lip readin’, he’ll be there right in front of me. No monitors. No screens. No barriers. Just me and my Isellta.”


His grin faded.

“What if he is dyin’? What if I get there all too late?” Robin looked out the window into the dark.

Then, I guess I’ll get to say good-bye to him. I’ll touch his face. I’ll kiss him. I’ll tell him I’m sorry for being such a flat-minded jerk. Sorry I didn’t come runnin’ to him any sooner. Sorry I…

“Ain’t no one’s got time to think such doldrum thoughts. He’s gonna be okay.”

My ‘sellta’s gonna be okay. We’ll be okay. My prem’nition ain’t gonna come true. I’ll rescue ‘sellta and book the two of us outta there.

We’ll be fine.

‘sellta, I’m comin’ for ya. You hear me, you dumb stupid fey? I’m comin’. I’m gonna take you home.

There was no response to that projected thought.

Ain’t a big deal. ‘sellta’s prob’lly sound asleep. He’s okay.

He’s gonna be okay.

He’s gotta be okay. It wouldn’t be fair if he weren’t.


Isellta’s mind was blank.

No thoughts.

No feelings.

No memories.

There was nothing but the ongoing struggle between fighting and giving up, between life and death.

His eyes stayed open at half-mast as his body convulsed again.


The nae bi sha stroked Isellta’s throat feathers. “It shouldn’t be too much longer, little fey. Just a few more minutes at the very most.” He licked his lips. “Just a few more minutes. You’ll be dead. You’ll be all mine, little fey. Sweet, delicious little fey.”

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