Part 2043 – I Want To Run To You (The Raven Edition).

Traffic was crazy.

The street lights turned red.

Volleys of people paraded in front of his car.

The entire world was trying to slow Raven down.

A scream built up in Raven’s throat.

I want to leap out of the car window and run the rest of the way to the hospital. Yet, I certainly cannot leave my car behind. Someone would steal it or wreck it. I would be quite without a car.

That would not do.


The light finally turned green…for about two seconds. Raven tightened his grip on the steering wheel and drove through the intersection.

His leg muscles vibrated under his skin.

I want to run.

I need to run.

Yet, how will she greet me? Will she be glad? Will we be able to begin again?

Or will we be right where we left off? Will she still be angry at me? Will she not understand how much I am…how much I have been aching for her?

Will she push me away despite it all?

Will she love me? Can she still love me?



Raven! Where are you?

I am coming. I am almost there. Missy. Missy. Missy, I love you. I love you. Please believe me I love you. 

There was no response.

He almost missed his turn.


She does not love me.

Raven pulled into the hospital parking lot and chose the first available spot. He turned the key.

In that one small moment, I ruined it all. I have lost her. She no longer wants me.

He leaned forward and touched his forehead against the center of the steering wheel.

Push it down.

All of the hurt.

All of the grief.

Do not let them see it.

Do not let them—-


He raised his head. “Missy.”


Are you here?

Yes. I am here.

Come to me. I’m waiting. Oh, Raven please get up here I need to see you I’ve missed you so much. 

He exhaled a tearful breath.

I love you, Missy.

I love you too. Come to me please come to me my Raven please come to me.

He pulled his key out of the ignition, opened the car door, and nearly strangled himself trying to get out of the car while still buckled up. He unbuckled the seatbelt, got out of the car, slammed the door shut, and ran to the hospital.

I am here. I am here, Missy. I am coming to you.

I’m waiting, my pretty shirtless Raven.

He sputtered out a messy laugh and ran harder.

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