Part 2026 – A Quarter Inch Of Progress

Ambrose abandoned the two aunts without so much as a “Sorry” or “Gotta go”. He walked straight to Barbara as if he were being magnetically pulled.



He broke into a full out run.



She ran to him and they met half-way. They embraced each other.

“Barbara, I—”

“Don’t talk. Just kiss me.”

“Okay.” And he did.


Raven stood in the doorway and watched them reunite.

If he touches her hair again, I will march over there and slap his hands.

He surveyed the rest of the scene.

The lighting.

The vast array of men and women wearing their best.

The warm buzz of their voices and of their laughter.

The mad variety of their scents.

Missy would be agog.

He pulled out his phone and took pictures of everyone and everything.

His heart ached, yet he smiled.

I cannot wait to show these to her when she wakes.


“You know what?” Jamboree stuffed her hands into her parka’s pockets. “I don’t really care about the bet. It was stupid and disrespectful and did I mention stupid? Because, yeah.” She kicked Devin’s shin again.


“Stupid. But the thing is yeah. I want to kiss you.” She whipped her hands out of her pockets and grabbed the front of his jacket. “I’m not really sure how to go about this. So, brace yourself. This could be a disaster.”

He smiled. “So? Let’s make it a disaster worth remembering.”

Jeff handed the book to LM. “Your turn.”

The half-fey shook his head. “Keep going. I like how you read.”

Jeff smiled. “If you insist.”

Missy sighed.

Jeff snapped to attention. “Tessa?”

LM looked down at her. He gasped.

Her eyes moved under her closed lids.  Her lips moved in unspoken words. Her hands twitched. But that was all nothing new. And that was not what he had gasped about.

There was a change.

Fiery letters rippled down the strands of her hair. Fiery letters that spelled one word. Just one name.


Over and over just that one name.




“Jeff. I think she’s going to wake up.”

The former hunter shot a quick look at him. “What? How do you know?”

“She’s thinking.” He leaned over the rail and stroked the closest Raven. “She’s thinking about him. I couldn’t see it before. Her mind was blank. But now…”

“What should I do? Should I call Raven to come back?”

“So strange. It looks like fire, but it doesn’t feel like anything.”

“LM, should I call Raven to come back?”

The half-fey pulled back. “I don’t know. Maybe she’ll wake up in a few minutes. Or maybe it will take a couple more days. I don’t know.”

“What should I do?”

LM’s stiff wings rustled.

He’s asking me for advice. It could be that he’s too rattled to think straight. So, he wants someone else to do the thinking for him.

Or maybe my opinion matters to him.

“Wait. Just wait and see. Call Raven when she actually opens her eyes.”

Jeff nodded. “That makes sense.”

4 thoughts on “Part 2026 – A Quarter Inch Of Progress”

    1. Thank you!

      There is a whole lot of backstory with each of these characters — from their individual backstories to how they all came together. But here is the fairly quick summation. Fair warning: Spoilers ahead….

      Ambrose and Barbara just got married and they are currently at their wedding reception. They’ve just barely survived the whole week leading up to the wedding. 😆 Barbara was concerned about the strength of their feelings for each other and the possibility of them losing control. So, Ambrose and Barbara mutually agreed on a hands-off policy about three days before the wedding. It was probably the longest three days of their entire lives, especially since not being able to touch each other just increased their desire for each other. But now they’re finally married. So, they are so all hands on. 😀

      Raven is Ambrose’s good friend/mother hen. He has a whole tragic backstory of being in love with the wrong person. He was a butler and he fell in love with his master’s oldest daughter. She was willing to break the rules to be with him. He, however, was not. He was too aware of society’s expectations and social boundaries to confess his love for her. She wound up marrying someone else. He stayed single, but he never stopped loving her.

      Until he met Missy, a young woman who had escaped from The Institute. The people at The Institute had genetically manipulated her so she can transform into a wolf-shaped creature made entirely out of flames. They were going to rent her out as a weapon to anyone who needed her. Missy had no memory of her past or even her own name. So, Raven called her Missy. They spent a lot of time together in an abandoned school building, which was her hideout. They slowly but surely fell in love.

      Missy wound up getting ticked off with Raven at Ambrose’s wedding shower. She ran off and burned down The Institute. She was knocked unconscious by part of the ceiling falling on her and she’s been unconscious ever since.

      Jeff is Missy’s father. Her real name is Teresa Farsigh. Jeff calls her Tessa, but Raven still calls her Missy (just out of habit). Jeff is a former vampire hunter. His master, Master Initskay, was turned into a vampire and it was up to Jeff to stake him. It was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and it psyched him out. He had to retire because he just couldn’t do it anymore. He needed therapy to deal with his loss. That’s where he met Laura. She was also getting therapy due to losing someone and they found a connection. They fell in love, got married, and had Tessa.
      Some time after Laura died, Tessa was kidnapped by The Institute and Jeff was unable to find her. He has a lot of guilt about her being kidnapped on his watch.

      As for LM, he is a half-fey/half-human who used to work at The Institute. He was good friends with the main people doing the human experiments. After The Institute burned down, LM was left feeling unmoored. The Institute was his home. He had nowhere else to go. He and Jeff did not hit it off very well when they first met, especially after Jeff realized that LM used to work at The Institute. But LM is slowly working on winning his trust.

      And that’s the backstories for just these characters. I have several other characters and they all have their own backstories. 😉

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        1. Haha! I know! I can’t believe I’ve already hit the 2000 mark AND passed it by. That’s just amazing to me. So many things have happened in those 2026 chapters. There have been a lot of quiet, peaceful moments and a lot of slowly building up to this big moment chapters.

          This story is easily the most complicated story I’ve ever written. There are a lot of subplots and a lot of referring back to this moment or that detail. And such a crazy amount of POV characters! But I am having a total blast. I tried to imagine what this story would be like if I just stuck in Ambrose’s point of view and it made me sad. There would have been so many awesome moments that I wouldn’t have been able to show/delve into.

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