Part 2024 – Barbara In The Bathroom/Ambrose In The Banquet Room

Barbara removed her wedding veil to get a better view of the damage. “Well.” She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. “It doesn’t look…No. No, it does look pretty bad.”

She stared at the bunched up clumps and highflying escapees. “Hm. I can see why Raven nearly died about it.”

Someone knocked on the bathroom door. “Barbara?”

“Raven! Come on in. Don’t worry. It’s safe. I’m the only one in here right now.” She could hear his sigh of relief.

“Very good. I am coming in.” He entered the bathroom hauling a black doctor’s bag.

“What’s in the bag?”

He set it down on the sink counter. “My emergency supplies. I had a bad feeling that I would need them tonight. I will admit—” He opened the bag and pulled out an assortment of brushes, a tube of hair cream, a jar of hair gel, and a hair straightener. “—I fully expected to use this on Ambrose, not on you.”


“Nothing to be sorry for, miss. Just hold on to your veil. Roll it up so it will not drag all over the bathroom floor. And trust me. This will not take too long.”


The hostess slid the rice paper and lacquered wood door open. “Enjoy your reception, Ambrose Smith.”

He smiled. “I will.”

“I could have made you happy.”

His expression softened. “Maybe, but Barbara does more than just make me happy. She makes me want to be better than I am and I love her for that. I adore her.”

She huffed out a sigh. “Such stupid human emotions. I will never understand it. Not ever. If you’ll excuse me, I have menus to sort through.”

“Then, have at it.” He strolled through the doorway and gasped.

The Red Envelope’s banquet room wasn’t as spacious as the one at Gendarme Kicker, making it feel so much more intimate. Strings of fairy lights hung from the ceiling, casting a soft champagne-colored glow on the partygoers. The low seating had been switched out for more American-styled tables and chairs. Rose bouquets decorated every linen-covered table.

Everyone was happily talking and having a good time.

It’s so beautiful.



Do you see this?

Robin got up from his seat and hurried over to him. “’bout time you got yourself in here.” He frowned. “Where’s Barb’ra?”

“She’s…” He tore his gaze from the amazing sight before him and focused on the younger vampire. “Um. She’s um.” He limp-pointed at the hall. “Her hair needed fixing.”

“Darnation! I thought havin’ Father Landover with you would keep you outta trouble.”

“Hey! I didn’t do anything too inappropriate. We just did a lot of touching and kissing and hair grabbing and—”

Robin raised his hands in the universal cease and desist gesture. “Don’t go no further. I get the idea.”

Ambrose grinned. “Bet you’ll be even worse when you rescue Isellta.”

“Heck yeah! I ain’t even gonna say how much worse.”

“And I won’t ask.”

Robin friendly punched his shoulder. “Come on. They got a special table all set up for us weddin’ party elites.”

“Well? Lead on.”

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