Part 2022 – A Priest And A Bride Enter The Red Envelope.

A priest and a bride entered the Red Envelope. The hostess noticed the bride’s deconstructed hairstyle and wondered if it were deliberate or not. She smiled brightly at the pair.

He was good looking, but she never had any success with priests. They never wanted to be part of her harem. She couldn’t understand why. So, she stopped trying altogether with them. Some battles were just impossible to win.

“Hello! Welcome to The Red Envelope. How may I help you?”

“We’re here for the Smith wedding reception.” the priest said.

“Of course. If you will follow me.”

“Um. Where’s the restroom?” asked the bride.

Something ticked ticked ticked inside the hostess head.

Wait a minute. I know this girl.

“The restroom is just around the corner over there.”

The bride smiled. “Thank you!”

The hostess smoothed her dress before addressing the priest, “Follow me.”

“Thank you.”

As she led the priest to the banquet room, the hostess quickly put the pieces together.

That girl…that bride…

She was with Ambrose Smith. He couldn’t stop looking at her, talking to her, even though I was standing there with his shoes in my hands. He didn’t even notice that I had his shoes. He just kept talking to her. He was completely focused on her.

And now she’s dressed as a bride.

And I’m taking this priest here to the Smith wedding reception.

Her wings burst out of her back and bristled.

“Oh, you’re a fey?” he asked.


A very ticked off fey, if you must know. I can’t believe that he’d marry her. Yes, they had their wedding shower here, but I can’t believe that he married her!

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a fey. I’m mostly surrounded by vampires in my side of the world.”

But no.

He smiled. “At the seminary, we learned about the different extraordinaries, including fey.”

She pulled her wings into her back.

Stay cool.

Stay calm.

“It was an eye-opening experience. Let me tell you! I mean, it’s not that I was ignorant about extraordinaries before. I knew about them, but I never realized how little I actually knew about them. Especially fey.”

Maybe she’s marrying his brother. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. That is a terribly human thing to do and I am not a human.

“You know, there are just some things a person doesn’t think about, much less wonder about. Like the whole theology question of how fey originally came into being. Obviously, God created them, but were they created the same time as man or were they created along with the birds and other flying creatures?”

“Fey don’t fly.” she said.

Her sudden participation in the conversation lit a spark inside of him. She could see it come to life in his eyes. “That’s what makes it so interesting.” He went on to talk about the Bible and the Book of Genesis and Tradition with great enthusiasm.

And the hostess understood.

I could ask this priest to join my harem, but he will never say yes. Even if he did join, it would not bring him this same level of happiness.

I just don’t understand how or why.

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