Part 2016 – Comforting Lovers

Dave held on to him and waited the storm out. “I love you. Do you know that? I love how honest you are with me. It’s refreshing and remarkable and so incredibly romantic.”

Hank sniffled and steadily calmed down.

“Mick was never honest with me. Even those rare times he told me ‘I love you’, I couldn’t be sure if he meant it. But I know, with you, you always mean it and that means everything to me.”

Hank looked into his lover’s dark brown eyes and whispered. “You are so beautiful.”

Dave beamed. “Sooo romantic!”

“What? Just because I called you beautiful?”

“Because he never did.”

Hank rubbed his thumbs across Dave’s eyebrows. “Mick was an idiot and a fool.”

Dave kissed him. “Your dad was a lot worse.”

“Most of what went down with my dad was my fault. I did nothing to make things better. If anything, I made matters worse.”

“If I said that about Mick, you’d get mad at me.”

“That’s totally different.” He kissed the middle of Dave’s forehead and the lines of his cheekbones. “He hurt you.”

“And your dad’s rejection didn’t hurt you?”

“Like I said, totally different. Verbal abuse leaves its marks, but not the same way that physical abuse does.”

Dave licked away his tear streaks.

Hank closed his eyes and moaned softly as Dave’s tongue swabbed his eyelashes. “Ohh. Ohh, I wish I could have found you sooner. I wish I had met you before Mick could.”

“I’m just glad that we did meet.” He sucked on Hank’s earlobe, which threw the taller guard into an absolute euphoria.

“So am I.”


“We have to go back.” Maelin said.

Jay kept his eyes closed.

“Jay. Sweetheart, we have to go back to Isellta.”

He sighed. “I know. I want to, but I’m scared.” He rolled onto his back and opened his eyes.

She kissed his forehead and got out of bed.

He stayed on his back. “I want to be there with him when he dies, but I know it won’t be a peaceful death. He’s going to die and he will be terrified. And there isn’t one darned thing I can do to help him. I can’t protect him. I can’t comfort him. I can’t do anything for him.”

She got dressed and came back to his side. “But you’ll be there. Maybe he’ll be aware of your presence. Maybe he won’t. But you’ll be there.”

He sat up. “But what can I do? Just. Just…sit there and watch him agonize? What? What—-”

“Be there. Talk to him.”

“How can I?” His eyes teared up. “How will I be able to say a single word?”

“I’ll be with you, sweetheart.” She sat on the bed. “I’ll comfort you.” She laid her hand on his lower leg. “I’ll give you the strength you need.”

His body relaxed. “You always do.”

“I always will.”

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