Part 2014 – Mark Caten’s Long Range Plans.

Mark Caten watched Jay and Maelin tumble back onto the bed.

Much to his disappointment, they simply curled up together and did absolutely nothing of an erotic nature.

He picked up his half-full wine glass and gently swirled the dark red liquid. “It is intriguing. They both know I could be watching, but they still go hopping into the sack. Maybe they’re hoping to impress me with their advanced bedroom techniques.” He laughed at that. “Advanced, ha! Those two are so vanilla and basic. It’s hilarious.”

Mark Caten took a sip of his drink. “Unlike me and my dear, crunchy cupcake. We are the furthest things from vanilla.” He licked the glass’ rim.

Just like me and Gayle. Ahh, we had such good times together. It’s just too bad she had to turn into a vampire. We were so perfect. We completed one another.

Then, she tried to kill Olessa.

My Olessa.

My precious little girl.

My crème brulee.

He looked over at the darkened Pinkerlee monitors.

Ambrose was the one who killed her. He killed my little girl. My baby. My amazing and talented Olessa.

“And he destroyed my Institute!” Mark smiled. “But he will get what’s coming to him. Eventually, that slackabout hunter Mayhew will kidnap the one he loves. Ambrose will kneel and grovel before me. He’ll beg for his loved one’s life. But it doesn’t matter what he says. He will see the one he loves die and he will be helpless to save her. He will weep. He’ll be grief-stricken. He will be emotionally torn apart. No, better! He’ll be devastated. And I won’t care. I won’t offer him any apologies. I won’t ask for his forgiveness. I will laugh in his face. Because that is exactly what he deserves.”

He contemplated the dead monitors. “I should rebuild The Institute and rename it ‘Olessa Caten’s Grand Memorial Institute And Revenge Center’.” He nodded. “Yes, I like the sound of that.”


Dave slouched against the wall. “Haaaaank. How long is he going to be in there?”

Hank shrugged. “Who knows?”

“Can’t we just go to bed?”

“You know we can’t.” He sighed. “As long as Caten’s awake, we have to be on guard.”

“But he does have other guards. Why can’t he call them into action? Why does it have to be us? I’m so tired.”

Dave sounded so whiny and pathetic it made Hank’s heart zing. He set his weapon and mask on the floor and marched over to his lover. He pulled Dave’s mask off.


Hank kissed him.

Dave’s weapon hit the floor.

Hank gently pushed him against the wall.

Dave let out an excited squeak.

Hank smiled and kissed him again. “I love you, babe. I love you.”

“Then, stop talking and keep kissing.”

“mmm. Sounds good to—”

The door to the monitor room opened.

Hank and Dave scrambled to pick up their masks and spiked clubs.

Mark Caten left the room before the two guards could even put their masks on. “Oh, look. I interrupted a love scene between two faggots. Nice.”

Hank seethed as he donned his mask.

“Well. I’m going to bed now.” He snapped his fingers. “Follow me, little flower boys.”


Hank kept his mouth pinched shut as he followed Mark Caten.

If I open my mouth, I’ll vomit bile everywhere. I know I will.

I hate him.

I hate working for him.

I wish he were dead.

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