Part 2013 – What If It’s Olessa?

When would be the right time for me to go runnin’ to him? I ain’t gonna bail out as soon as we get to the rest’rant. Or maybe I should. Or maybe I should wait till their first dance.

Robin smiled as he imagined them dancing in the Red Envelope’s limited floor space.

Darnation! They’ll be trampling the fine diners and such. I gotta stay and see how they manage that.

Then, I’ll bug out of there.

Huh. I wonder how Raven’s doin’. Bet he’s dyin’ to get over to Missy. How long’s he gonna stay? Bet the idiot will stay until ev’ryone leaves. Stupid. Stupid Raven. He’ll be mentally freakin’ out the whole time. But at least he don’t gotta worry ’bout rescuin’ her from The Institute. Those days are long gone. She ain’t never goin’ back there again.

Unless someone goes and fixes it all up. But that ain’t all that likely. Who’d be dumb enough to salvage a place that awful?

The answer came to him as soon as he thought the question.

Olessa would.

He shuddered and remembered…


Olessa waltzed into his prison cell wearing a sequined half-mask that did not go very well with her green and black striped spandex suit. “Ohh! You’ll never believe the great luck I had today! I have a new vampire. He has so much energy and spirit. It will be a pleasure to break him down. I wonder how long it will take. Probably years. Someone like him will not break overnight.”

Robin huffed through his nose and mentally called her every vulgar word he knew. Some of them were non-applicable due to her being a woman, but he called her them anyway.

She laughed. “Oh, don’t worry! I won’t forget about you. Ooo! As a matter of fact, I have an excellent idea. I’ll run simultaneous experiments and see how it affects both of you. Oh, I’m so excited! I’ve never had two vampires to work on before.”

Isellta entered the room with downcast eyes.

Robin scowled. Don’t you go starin’ at the floor, you stupid fey. Look at me.


Isellta’s wings flittered. But he obeyed.

He looked up at Robin. His pupils were wide in the semi-dark, making his eyes appear more black than blue.

Help me, ‘sellta. Don’t let her hurt me no more.

Get me out of here.


Robin’s pupils widened.

What if it ain’t that fey witch who’s hurtin’ him? What if it’s Olessa?

DARNATION! What she doin’ to him?

My ‘sellta. My beautiful fey. If she’s hurtin’ you, I’ll tear her apart. I swear I’ll tear her apart.

I’m gonna come, ‘sellta. I’m gonna rescue you. I promise. I’ll rescue you and keep you safe. No one’s gonna e’er hurt you again.

‘specially me.

I love you. You dumb stupid fey. I love you. I’ll run into the fire for you, no matter how hot it gets. I’ll rescue you and bring you on home.

I love you, ‘sellta.

I love you.

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