Part 2006 – Sharing A Soliloquy.

Sammy and Deliosa followed everyone else outside the side door. The crowd of Addleston relatives and friends headed to the cars.

Sammy, however, held back.

Deliosa gave him a questioning look.

He smiled. “They’re going to be busy taking pictures for at least an hour.”

She smiled in return.

“We could drive to the restaurant and wait for them to come.”


He raked his fingers through her light blue hair. “Or we could test our luck. We could become skye.”

“That is tempting.” She purred deep in her throat. “You make it sound so tempting.”


She leaned towards him and kissed him. He returned her kiss with a significant amount of enthusiasm.

The cross on the top of the church turned into solid gold.

“Let’s become skye, Lee.” he said breathlessly.

She traced the outline of his lips. “We can’t and you know it. There’s no safe place here. No place we could transform without being seen. It’s too wide open. We’d be caught. We’d be captured.”

He shuddered as he remembered endlessly cold days and nights.

Sammy took a deep breath and tried to tap into his inner reserve of body heat. But it wasn’t there. There was nothing inside of him but teeth-chattering cold.

Mark Caten looked at him through the thick glass of the cell.

Mark Caten looked at him and smiled. 

Sammy shuddered. “I don’t want to get caught ever again.”

“So?” she asked.

“So, I’ll drive you to the restaurant. If you don’t mind?”

“I’ll be with you. Why would I mind?”

He took her hand and they headed towards the parking lot.


Raven tried his best to keep himself busy, to keep himself physically and mentally occupied. Yet, his thoughts kept turning and returning to Missy.

When will she wake?


Robin wanted to sit in a corner somewhere and mope. But he knew he couldn’t. He didn’t want to ruin the whole moment for Ambrose. So, he put on an Oscar winning performance for best supporting actor. He smiled. He laughed. He posed.

He thought about Isellta.

The whole time he thought about Isellta.

What if he is dyin’?

What if I’m all too late to save him?

What happens to a fey when they die? Does the Collectors come for them too? They would definitely come for him. Why wouldn’t they? He’s such a pretty little thing.


My Isellta.



My precious Missy.


I’ll come runnin’ as soon as I can.


I will return to you as soon as I am free to do so.


I’ll hug you so hard and so fast I’ll knock you off your feet.


I will hold you. I will kiss you.


My ‘sellta.


My Missy.


Hold on, ‘sellta.


Hold on, Missy.


Wait for me, you stupid fey. Wait for me.


Wait for me. I will come to you.


I’ll come runnin’ to you. I promise.


I promise.

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