Part 2005 – John Addleston, Master Of The Candid Shot

The two aunts and the rest of the guests left the church through the side door, leaving Barbara and Ambrose alone.

Barbara sat in the nearest pew and thought about the woman she had seen.

It was Mom. I didn’t imagine it. It was her. I know it was her.

Ambrose slid in next to her. He gave her a quiet admiring look.

My Barbara, my wife. 

It was her.

She looked down at her hands, at her wedding ring.

I didn’t get a chance to say anything to her.

Barbara? What’s wrong? Are you…are you sorry you married me?

She raised her head and stared at him in surprise. “Sorry?” she whispered a little too loudly. “Why?”

“You’re being so quiet.”

Well, we are in church.

Brat. You know what I mean.

“I saw my mother’s ghost as we were walking down the aisle.”

His pupils widened.

The photographer entered the church with Robin, Raven, Sarah, Olivia, and Franny all in tow. He snapped his fingers twice. “Bride and groom! I need you two at the altar rail pronto. I have so many ideas my head is on fire!”

Ambrose scooted out of the pew and held his hand out to her. “My lady?”

She stood and took his hand. “Hm, I’m not sure what the correct response is. My lord?”

He shook his head. “Never.” He kissed her knuckles. “I will never be your lord. I promise.”


Darn! They just keep on gettin’ worse and worse. I thought gettin’ married would cool them down a little, but it sure hasn’t.

They’re so lovey-dovey I could die from jealousy.

Robin fidgeted with his gloves.

Raven jabbed him with his elbow and death-glared him.

You will not take those off, young man. Not until I say you can.

“What? You my mother or somethin’?”

I will go with ‘or something’.

Robin snorted. “Of course, you would.”

I just wish Isellta was here. There’s so much goin’ on with this whole weddin’ that would confuse him and delight him.


John entered the church to take pictures.

Everyone stood about, talking quietly to each other as the photographer rearranged the flower flood in the sanctuary.

Ambrose faced Barbara and twirled her loose strands of hair around his finger. She looked up at him with a very happy smile.

John took a couple of quick pictures before moving on to taking candid shots of everyone else.

He caught Raven having an animated conversation with Sarah.

Olivia fixing Franny’s hairstyle.

Sarah flaunting her dress at Ambrose.

Ambrose and Barbara talking to Sarah and Olivia.

Raven helping the photographer with the flowers.

Robin standing alone with his arms folded across his chest.

John frowned at that picture.

He looks so sad and lonely. Maybe I should delete it.

He went through a whole mental debate before finally deciding, “I’ll let Robin decide if he wants it or not. This is his phone.”

Ambrose came over to Robin and said something.

Robin unfolded his arms and his face lit up in a smile. A smile that made one forget all about the scar running through his eye.

John took a whole fleet of pictures of that smile.

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