Part 2004 – Hello, Aunt Nora And Aunt Maura! Long Time No See.

Robin watched Ambrose and Barbara kiss.

I want to hold his hand. I wanna hold onto him just a little bit longer before we both gotta go our separate ways.

His gaze lingered on Ambrose.

I wish I could have one more night with him holdin’ onto me.

But no. That ain’t right. He’s got Barbara and, in a bit, I’ll have my Isellta. Maybe he won’t wanna hold onto me. Maybe he won’t e’en wanna touch me. Maybe he won’t wanna come home with me.

He smiled despite his fears.

But I’ll see him again. E’en if he talks non-stop trash at me, I’ll see him. My lovely Isellta. I’ll see him. It’s been so long.


It’s literally been months since I seen him with no barriers.

He chuckled.

Don’t matter if he does trash talk me. Soon as I see him, I’m gonna go nuts. I ain’t got a doubt about it. I’m gonna run to him. I’m gonna hug him. Ohh, to fin’lly be able to hug him, the real him. No fakes this time. Just him. Just my own dumb stupid fey. My beautiful fey. My ‘sellta.

Raven returned with his three person entourage.

The photographer rushed over to them and excitedly shook their hands. “I assume you’re the father of the bride and you must be the flower girl and you are…Are you the mother of the bride?”

Olivia smiled. “No, I’m her twin sister.”

“Oh! I’m sorry! My mistake!”

“Don’t worry. I’m used to it.”

The photographer ushered everyone into position. “You stand there. You stand there. Very good. And you go…right here. Yes! That’s perfect. You! Stop brooding and smile. Yes, that’s a very nice smile. Okay!” He bounded to the front of the group and scanned them. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” He pointed at Raven. “I told you to stop brooding. Smile! Yes! Keep that smile on. All right…Flower girl! Head up. Bridesmaid, look this way. Good. Good. Okay! We’re all good now. Everyone just hold still. Don’t move. Don’t blink…”

He took a quick series of pictures. “Fabulous! Bride and groom, I need you two to go back in the church. I neeeeed to take some pictures with you standing at the altar with that wonderful backdrop of all those roses. I can see the picture in my mind and it is ravishing! Go on! Go inside.”

Robin felt a slight pang as they left the group.

“Okay! Time to switch things up. You go here. You go here. You kneel. Uhhh, okay how about you kneel on just one knee? Ooo! Perfect! You put your hand on his shoulder. A little bit forward. That’s too much forward. A little back. A little more. Perfect! Okay. Uhhh, let’s see.” He narrowed his eyes and took in the whole group. “Hmm, yes. Yes! You need to turn like so. Don’t turn that much. Just like so. Good! Okay! Everyone hold still…”


As soon as Ambrose and Barbara entered the church, Aunt Nora and Aunt Maura shot over to them. They wore matching black and white tweed gowns with scoop necklines.

“We’re going to head over to the restaurant with everyone else.” Nora said as her sister eyed Ambrose up as if he were a mile high birthday cake.

“Okay.” Barbara said softly. “We’ll see you there.”

“Or you could come with us.” Maura said. “Barbara could sit in the front seat with Nora. Ambrose can sit next to me. I have so many things I want to talk to him about.”

Ambrose couldn’t help chuckling. “That sounds like a threat.”

Maura laughed out loud. “Not at all. I just have a whole bunch of bedroom advice I want to share with you.”

Barbara blushed. “Umm.”

Ambrose kissed the side of Barbara’s face. “Je t’adore.” he whispered in her ear.

She looked up at him. Her face still warm with blush. Her eyes so bright with love.

He felt a strange combination of shock and amazement.

She’s mine. I can go home to her. This wonderful, beautiful woman is my wife. Despite everything I am, she married me. She willingly married me.

He kissed her, a soft, gentle kiss. “Barbara. My Barbara.”

“My Ambrose.”

“Hmm.” Nora said. “Maybe it would be better if they had some alone time.”

“Ohhh, but I have so much advice to share!” Maura said.

Ambrose kissed Barbara one more time. “You can give me your advice at the reception.”

“Oh?” A delighted smile crossed Maura’s face. “Ohh, I fully intend to.”


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