Part 2002 – Mom And The Enthusiastic Photographer

The organist played a jubilant recessional as the wedding party got into formation to leave the church.

Ambrose held onto Barbara’s hand. “Don’t let me go.” he whispered.

“I don’t intend to.” She grinned. “Although I will probably have to let go of your hand for the wedding pictures.”

“Ha! You outrageous brat.”

She giggled.

Sarah hurried over and gave Barbara her bouquet.

“Thank you.”

Sarah returned to her spot in line.

Father Landover headed down the aisle and the wedding party processed after him.

Barbara glanced over at John. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled.

A woman stood beside him.

A woman dressed in a shimmering gown of silver and gold and white. Diamonds flashed on her earlobes.

Is that…Aunt Olivia?

The woman looped her arm around John’s arm and looked up at him with love.


She smiled proudly at Barbara and blew her a kiss.

I want to run to her.

I want to hug her again.

“Barbara?” Ambrose whispered. “It’s time for us to go.”

She nodded and proceeded down the aisle. Their hands remained in a tight clasp.


As soon as they stepped outside the church, the photographer swooped in from seemingly nowhere. “All right! Time to take pictures. I’m going to take some out here, some inside the church, and some more when we are at the reception. I’m going to take group shots, individual shots, couple shots, and it’s going to be awesome. So! With that said, everyone get together. Uh, let’s see. How do I want to arrange you all? Uhhh. Okay! Bridesmaid, stand here. Groom’s men, here and here. The happy couple goes here. Father, you go here. Flower girl.” He glanced around. “Huh? Huh? Where’s the flower girl? Where’s the bride’s father? These people need to be in the picture too.” He snapped his fingers. “You with the red eyes. Go fetch them.”

Raven bowed and went back into the church.

The photographer paced as he waited for Raven to return.

“Darnation, guy!” Robin said. “Calm down or I’ll bite you.”

“Huh? Huh?” The photographer stopped. “Actually, I’m feeling very calm. I just have so many ideas in my head. I’m just aching to get them all realized.” He resumed pacing.

Robin scoffed. “Sure don’t look all that calm to me.” He edged closer to Ambrose. “You okay?”

Ambrose nodded. “I’m sorry for making such a darned fool spectacle of myself.”

“It’s okay.” Barbara said. “All that matters is you stayed. You didn’t leave me.”

“You thought I would?”

She nodded. “I saw it in your eyes. You wanted to run away.”

“What would you have done if I had?”

She stroked his face.

Ambrose closed his eyes.

“The obvious. I would have kicked off my shoes and run after you. I would have tackled you if necessary.”

He opened his eyes in surprise. “Tackled me? Do you really think you can take me down?”

“Mmm. Maybe.” She blushed. “I’d be willing to give it a try.”

Ambrose cupped her face in between his hands and kissed her.

Sarah clapped her hands.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” he murmured warmly.

Barbara threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

The photographer stopped pacing and quickly snapped shot after shot. “Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.” he muttered with each click of the button.

Sarah nodded in agreement.

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