Part 1994 – Most Random Conversation Ever.

Sarah fidgeted.

They were at the church, but no one was getting out of the car. What were they all waiting for?

“Ah,” John said. “there’s Ambrose.”

Barbara bowed her head and stared fixedly at her bare hands.

Sarah frowned at her.

Why was she acting so shy and weird? Didn’t she want to see Ambrose all dressed up?

She tapped Barbara’s shoulder.

Barbara looked up at her.

Sarah pointed at her, tapped the outer corner of her eye, and pointed at the window. She tilted her head in a questioning gesture.

“Umm. If you’re asking me if I want to see? look at?”

Sarah nodded.

“Okay, look at Ambrose, I do. But I can’t. Not yet. It would be bad luck for us to see each other before we get married.”

The small girl made a face about that and shrugged.

Barbara smiled. “It’s just one of those things.”

Sarah eye-rolled.


Ambrose walked with a downcast gaze, even though he was aching to glance around.

Is she in her car or her father’s car?

Does she see me?

Robin grabbed his elbow as he drifted too close to a red Pontiac Grand Am. “Dummy, watch where you’re goin’.”

“That would be a whole lot easier to do if I weren’t staring at the ground.”

“Yeah, ,and then you’d acc’dently see Barbara and jinx yourself. Nice idea there, Ambrose.”

He sighed.


Barbara, can you see me? I’m here.

His fingers ached with the need to touch her.

I’m here.



The sound of his voice inside her mind startled her. She raised her head.

Ambrose. I’m here, kitten.



The sound of her voice inside his mind made his heart race.

I’m here, kitten.

He smiled at the nickname.



Robin growled. “Could you walk any slower? Darn it all! Hurry up or I’ll get Raven to carry you.”

Raven sighed. “And why must I carry him?”

“I don’t know. You’re his mother or somethin’.”

“I am…his mother?” Raven sounded perplexed by the whole concept.

“Duh! The way you fuss about stupid junk? Ain’t no way you’re the dad.”

Ambrose smiled. “So, if he’s the mom, who is the father?”

“Raven’s a single mom.”

“Ehhhh…” Raven said in a dead flatline.

“I’m guessin’ the dad either was a one-night stand or he bailed when he found out Raven was expectin’.”

Raven let out an indignant huff. “Why are those my only two options?”

“’cause that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”


Ambrose laughed. “This is really the most random conversation I’ve ever heard.”

Raven huffed again. “Random is not the correct word, sir. Utterly nonsensical would be more accurate. The very idea of me engaging in such relations before marriage! So highly unlikely.”

Ambrose smiled at the ground.

I wish Barbara were here. Maybe she’d be scandalized by this conversation and she’d blush. Or maybe she would surprise me and put in her own fifty-nine cents.




She bowed her head and contemplated the sapphire tennis bracelet around her wrist. Ambrose.

Barbara, we’re going inside the church now. Barbara. Oh, Barbara! I’m ready. I am so ready to marry you. I wish we could do it out here in the parking lot.

She giggled. Raven wouldn’t be happy about that.

I know. I’ll see you inside, love. 

Her heart fluttered. I’ll see you inside.

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