Part 1990 – Musings About Lovers And A Father

Sarah frowned as Barbara talked to Ambrose.

She sure was having a good time, talking to Ambrose and laughing and having oh so much fun.

Sarah rubbed her silent throat.

If she ever got a lover, she would need a phone with a TV screen. Hand language just didn’t work on a normal phone.

She thought about Ambrose.

He was sooo tall and nice with a lot of hair and a great talking voice. Her future lover would have to look and sound and act just like him. Anything else would be a huge disappointment.

Of course, there was Raven and Robin. They weren’t exactly dead frogs in boxes.

She mentally compared them to Ambrose and shook her head.

Nope. Ambrose still was the clear winner in the good looks department.

Sarah looked down at her bridesmaid dress and carefully patted the ring of braids around her head.

She felt so pretty and she knew she looked pretty too.

What would Carthage say if he saw her? Would he be happy? Would he be proud of her? Would he call her pretty?

Would he still try to steal her away from Barbara and Ambrose? Or did he understand, really understand, that she wanted to stay with them?

Sarah sighed silently.

She didn’t know the answer to any of those questions.

Barbara patted her nearest hand. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

Sarah looked up at her.

Barbara was dressed all in white lace with a white veil on her head. She looked like a beautiful ghost or an angel.

Sarah sat back in her seat.

An angel…

She glanced at Barbara again.

Is that what an angel of music looked like? She would have to find out a way to ask Ambrose. He would definitely know.

She smiled and wondered what pretty sort of thing he was wearing. He couldn’t be wearing his usual clothes. That wouldn’t be right. It had to be something as pretty as Barbara’s dress. It just had to be.

Would he have to wear a veil too? Did guys wear veils? Or was that just a girl thing?

She leaned forward and checked John out.

No, he wasn’t wearing a veil. But maybe he’d put it on when they reached their destination. Maybe he didn’t want to be distracted by his veil’s prettiness as he was driving. Now, that made a lot of sense.

Satisfied with her conclusions, Sarah settled back in her seat.


Raven left Pinkerlee and drove past endless cornfields.

The last time I went this way, I was with her. I was with Missy.

That was the last time I was with her.

That was before my life came crashing down.

He kept his gaze fixed on the road.

She is here with me.

Missy is sitting in the front passenger seat. She is sleeping. As long as I do not look over there, I can say that she is there and she is sleeping. I can pretend to hear the steady sound of her breathing. I can believe that any minute now she will awake.

She will say my name.

She will touch my hand.

She will want me to drive completely shirtless.

Raven held his head a little higher. Yet, his mouth betrayed him with a sad sort of twitching.

And I would do it for her.

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