Part 1987 – Telling Robin The Whole Truth.

I love you and that’s enough.

Robin scooted over to the other window and looked outside.

If I say that to ‘sellta, would it be enough? Can I, with my pushy behavior and all around obnoxiousness, be enough for someone as sweet and gentle as Isellta Mal Hoven?

When I fin’lly get myself over there, will he welcome me with open arms? Or will he kick me in the pants and tell me to jump off the freakin’ cliff?

I’ll find out for sure after the weddin’.


‘sellta, I love you. You hear me, you dumb stupid fey? I love you an’ I want just you. Please. Please want me too.


Isellta’s dying. Tell me where I can find Robin. He can help Isellta. He can save him. I know he can. Please. Please help me.”

Raven stopped at a red light and glanced back at Robin.

Did I make the right choice? It would seem so. Yet, if he concealed such a truth about Missy, I would be furious. I would find it nigh hard to forgive him.

“Robin, sir.”

The younger vampire pulled himself out of wherever his thoughts were. “Wha?”

He needs to know the truth.

He deserves it.

“Do you still intend to rescue Isellta after the wedding?”

“Uhh…duh. You think I ain’t goin’ to?”

“I was merely wondering, sir.” He turned forward and waited for the light to turn green. “Would you consider going to him now?”


Raven tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “I spoke to Maelin earlier. She led me to believe that he is…unwell.”

“Yeah. That’s what her and Jay told me, but I ain’t gettin’ what that means. Fey don’t get sick.”

Raven frowned and did a mental rundown of everything he knew about fey. “That is so. Yet, she.” He took a deep breath and exhaled. “Maelin told me that he is dying.”

“What?” Robin leaned forward. “Dyin’? That can’t be right. My ‘sellta can’t die. He’s fey. Fey can’t die. Or can they?”

“Honestly, sir, I am uncertain. She had seemed so terribly earnest about it. Yet, I do not know her. Perhaps she is the type of woman who overstates everything, who can turn a simple allergy cough into end stage lung cancer.”

Robin slowly sat back. “What should I do?”

The light turned green and Raven drove through the intersection. “It is not my choice to make, sir.”



Isellta’s dyin’.

Or maybe he ain’t. Maybe Raven’s right. Maybe she was just waxin’ all hysterical.

Robin pulled out his cellphone and brought up Jay’s phone number on the Contacts page.

He selected Jay’s name.

He pressed Call and put the phone against his ear.

It rang once and bounced to voice mail.

“Darnation! What a time for him to shut his freakin’ phone off!” He shut off his phone and stuffed it back into his suit jacket. “Don’t worry, Raven. I ain’t goin’ nowhere until after the weddin’. I’ll call Jay then. Maybe he’ll fin’lly have his freakin’ phone on.”

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