Part 1981 – Mirrored Reflections

Robin looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. “Dang! I look like I oughta be sportin’ a James Bond gun or somethin’.”

If Isellta were here, he’d be a groom’s guy or whate’er the right term is. Which means…

Robin’s pupils widened.

He’d have to wear a tux too.

His mouth fell open as he imagined Isellta as a blond Tuxedo Mask with large black wings. Isellta held his red rose by his slightly parted lips in a coy pose. “By the power of the moon, I will punish you.” he said in his soft, gentle voice.


Robin left the bathroom and retreated to his bedroom. He sat on the bed.

I really am gay for him. Ain’t no sense in pretendin’ otherwise.

I love him.

He thought back on all of their interactions from the very beginning.

I have loved him all along. I was just too much of a freakin’ idiot to realize it. And now I know.

His chest hurt.

“‘sellta? Can we go back to that first meetin’? Can we change it all? Throw away that needle, ‘sellta. Let’s walk the city. Let’s be friends. I’ll take you out to eat. Anythin’ you want, even if it’s somethin’ off beat like brine-boiled eel hearts. Maybe along the way, I’d figure out my feelin’s for you. And maybe I’d be okay with it.”

Robin slapped Isellta’s face and he did nothing to soften the blow. It was a skin-stinging strike. Isellta backed away from him with hurt in his eyes. And he disappeared.

Robin looked down at his hands.

Will he e’er be able to forgive me? How can I ever make it all up to him? How can he look at me and not see the angry, pushy person I used to be?

How can he want me?

He raised his head. “I’ll find out after the weddin’. I’ll run the whole way there if I gotta. I’ll grovel at his feet. I’ll—-”

The bedroom door opened and Ambrose entered the room. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. And, by the way,” He gave Ambrose a sarcastic thumb’s up. “nice job ruinin’ my monologue.”

“Whatever. Raven’s waiting to ‘fix’ your hair.”

“Huh? What’s he goin’ on about? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with my hair.”

“Ha! Tell that to his face.”

Robin scoffed. “No thanks. He’ll get all super aggressive on me. Triple no thanks.” He got off the bed and finally took note of Ambrose’s appearance.

Raven had trimmed Ambrose’s hair into something a whole lot tidier than usual. Then, he had apparently attacked it with mousse and a styling iron. The result was sleek and attractive.

“Well. I sure approve.” Robin said. “Okay. Fine. Raven can freakin’ fix my hair however he wants.”

“Then, go on. He’s waiting for you.”


Ambrose went into the bathroom and admired his reflection.

This is me.

This man standing here alone.

This man with his great hairstyle and impeccable tuxedo.

This is me on my wedding day.



Do you see me? Will you be there when I say my vows to the woman I love? Will you see me? Will you be proud of me?

“I’m going to get married.” He smiled – a wide, happy smile. “Mother. Father. I’m getting married to the one I love and I will love her always. I will.”

Because I do.

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