Part 1977 – Just Idle Guy Talk??

Robin stretched out on his bed and closed his eyes.


‘sellta? Can you hear me? I’m gonna come to you. Ain’t gonna be right this minute. It’ll be a little later. But I’m gonna come to you. I promise.

His bedroom door opened. “Hey. You aren’t dressed yet.”

Robin sat up and opened his eyes. His gaze traveled down the older vampire’s bare skin. “You ain’t exactly ready to go yourself.”

Ambrose shrugged. “I figured I’d give myself a head start.”

The younger vampire snorted. “Some head start. Walkin’ around all shirtless like that. Anyway, I’m thinkin’ we should wait for Raven.”


“Wha? You kiddin’? His inner butler is achin’ to primp an’ prim us up.”

Ambrose laughed at that. “True. He would be very disappointed if we denied him this opportunity to fuss over us. I suspect it’s something he’s been wanting to do for some time now.” He walked over to the bed. “So? What are we gonna do? Just sit around and wait?”

Such well-shaped shoulders.

Such long, strong-lookin’ arms.

His chest…

Robin looked away. “I dunno.”

I thought it before and I’m gonna think it again: Barbara is darned lucky.

But he ain’t the one I want.

I want Isellta, that stupid fluttery fey. I wanna save myself for him, e’en though he sure ain’t saved himself for me.

“I wish he had. I wish…”

Ambrose sat next to him.

Why? Why would he go to bed with that fey chick? Why wouldn’t he wait for me?

“Hey, you’re like 900,000 years old, right?”

“Wrong, but besides the point.”

“I’m guessin’ at this point you ain’t all innocent and pure. I mean, given your age and your all around hotness, that ain’t all that likely. You musta hit the sheets with someone by now, right?”

“Yes, I’ve done it a certain amount of times.”

“And you ain’t gonna divulge the exact number, huh?”

“Not really.”

Robin bowed his head. “What got you doin’ it that first time? Was it your idea?”

“She seduced me. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I wanted her. I wanted her so much. I didn’t put up any sort of fight.”

Was it that way for you, ‘sellta?

“Why are you asking?”

Robin clenched his hands. “Ain’t no reason. Just askin’.”

“So, what? Is this just idle guy talk? Or is there something you really want to ask me?”

Robin glared at him.

Ambrose smirked. “Well?”

“I ain’t knowin’ why you bein’ so stupid. You prob’lly know what I’m thinkin’ about.”

“Not really. Not without poking around inside your mind.” He leaned closer to Robin. “I could do that if you want.”

Robin pushed him back. “Don’t you freakin’ go there! You wanna know the truth? Fine. It’s Isellta. Okay? It’s Isellta. What else is new? It’s always that stupid fey. It’s always Isellta.” His shoulders slumped. “Why didn’t he wanna wait for me, Am’rose? Why’d he sleep with her? Why did it have to be her?” Robin flapped his hands in a helpless gesture. “Why couldn’t it be just me?”

“I don’t know.” Ambrose gave him a compassionate look. “You’ll see him tonight. Ask him. That’s the only way you’ll know the truth. Just ask him. I mean, not right off the bat. You don’t want to push him away. Robin, don’t push him away.”

“Tch. I ain’t plannin’ to. I just wanna hold him as close as I can without smotherin’ him.”

Ambrose smiled. “I know that feeling.” He snapped to attention and sniffed the air.

“What? What is it?”

“Black licorice and lime. Raven’s home.”

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