Part 1972 – A Very Tempting Offer

Robin grabbed her arms and bit harder.

Darn it all! It’s like bitin’ into a freakin’ raw potato.

but I’m hungry

and her blood keeps callin’ my…

His fangs broke through her skin and the blood trickled in. He gulped it down hungrily.

tastes so good

so hungry


so freakin’ hungry.





Her voice felt strange inside his head, like an intrusion or a violation. He released her and staggered back from her. “Wha? Wha?”

She smiled. “I am a nie chee nin. My mom was fey. My dad was a vampire. I have some interesting abilities from both sides.”

Robin rubbed his neck as if he were the one who’d been bitten.

“Can I go now?”

He nodded.

She left the alley, walking with careful uncertainty.

He rubbed his neck again. “Well, dang. I sure ain’t ever gonna do that again.”


“Go now, Justin.” Ambrose said. “Be safe.” He licked his lips again. “Watch out for strange vampires.”

“I will.” Justin hesitated. “I know what you said. I totally get it. But. Please. Just one kiss.”

“No. I’m not stupid. I am not going to give you fuel for your romantic daydreams about me.”

The boy had the decency to blush.

“Nor am I going to give you any false hopes.”

“Can I at least see you again? I mean…not in a romantic way. I get that you don’t want that. But…”

Ambrose contemplated the boy before him. “You’re still hoping to become my blood letter.”

He nodded. “I like how it feels. I like how you make me feel.”

“It’s tempting, but a vampire’s relationship with a blood letter can become complicated both physically and emotionally. Go.”

Justin gave him a lingering look before running out of the alley.

Ambrose rubbed his thumb across his mouth and licked it. “mmm. Yes, it is a very tempting offer.”


The blueberry cake scent led Raven to a bakery.

Raven stopped and nonchalantly readjusted his gloves. “Well. This is embarrassing. I have not made a mistake of this nature in quite a long time.” He turned to leave.

The bakery door opened and the scent whoofed out of the building. “Hey, there!” a woman said.

He turned to face her. She was short and round with a touch of flour on the tip of her nose. She reminded him of the biscuits the Farlington’s cook used to make. “Good evening.” he said with a slight bow.

She smiled, revealing a slightly chipped front tooth. “Good evening indeed! I was about to close things down for the night.” She gave him a quick up and down look. “You hungry? I’m sure I can whip something together real quick for you.”

His pupils widened as he realized that the blueberry cake scent was coming from her. “Yes. As a matter of fact, I am famished.”

“Then, come on in.”

‘As you wish.” He followed her into the bakery.

I will not kill her or change her. Yet, I will certainly bite her.

She smells so lovely.

The baker closed the door and Raven smiled.

Yes, she smells wonderful.

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