Part 1970 – A Fight For Hot Fudge And Whipped Cream.

I’ll bite his wrist this time.

Not his neck.



smells so good

so hungry


The scent intensified as Ambrose closed in on it. He forced himself to slow down to a leisurely stroll. It was not an easy thing to do, but he did not want to scare away his prey.

The scent trail led him to an alley.

Ambrose lowered his hoodie’s zipper a couple of tantalizing inches and sauntered around the corner into the alley. He stopped short.

The teenaged boy was there as promised, but he was not alone.

Another vampire had found him first. She held him pinned to the wall. Her fangs were buried deep in his neck.

“No!” Ambrose charged at her in a hunger-fueled rage. He bared his fangs. His claws extended to their full length. He let out an inhuman yell.

The female vampire startled and released her victim. He slunk down to the ground and covered her bite with his hand. She snarled at Ambrose. “Get lost! I found him f—‘

Ambrose growled and attacked her.

She fought back with equal aggression. “I found—” Slash at his forearm. “—-him first.” Slash at his throat. “He’s mine.”

Ambrose’s only response was a low steady growl and a slash across her face.

“Oh! Now, you’ve done it!” She threw a punch at his face. He caught it and pulled her arm back.

She grabbed his hair with her free hand and jerked it as hard as she could.

He captured that arm as well and shoved her against the alley wall.

“Ugh! Let me go! Let me go!”

Ambrose looked at her and he saw all the ways he could hurt her.

All of the ways he’d hurt vampires for Mark Caten.


I am not that man anymore.

He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered, “You will leave my prey alone.” He entered her mind and touched it.

Her eyes went blank. “I will leave your prey alone.”

“Good girl. Now. Get out of here or I’ll forget my good manners.” He released her and she left without another word.

Ambrose waited a few minutes before turning his back on the alley’s entrance. He walked over to the frightened teen and knelt beside him. “It’s okay.” he said gently. “You’re alive. You’re okay.”

The boy raised his head. “You saved me.”

“Yeah. And now I’m even hungrier.”

“Are you going to bite me?”

The hot fudge and whipped cream scent was so thick, so decadent smelling. Ambrose’s mouth watered. But he stood and said, “No. I don’t know how much she took. If I bite you—”

“I don’t care. Bite me. I want it.”

“It could kill you.”

“I’ll take the chance. Bite me.”

“Why? Why are you so careless with your life? If I kill you, you can’t get your life back. There are no resurrection spells or magical stones of power. If I change you, your life will be forever ruined and destroyed. You will lose your daylight. You will lose your kindness.”

“Like I said, I’ll take the chance.”


The boy looked down at his hands. “I like how you make me feel.”

“Ah. I wish I could debate this further, but I’m hungry. I can hold back for only so much longer.”

The boy stood. He came into Ambrose’s space and turned his head, offering his neck. His scent wafted off his skin, luring and enticing the vampire.

Ambrose stroked the side of his neck. “You smell so good. And I’m so hungry.”

“Bite me.”

He licked his lips and murmured, “Okay.”

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