Part 1967 – Parallel Shower Soliloquies

Stupid idiot Ambrose. Thinkin’ he’s all that. What a stupidhead.

Robin pulled off his shirt and was about to spike it at the floor. Then, he remembered that he didn’t bring a change of clothes into the bathroom. So, he would either have to wear clothes that had hit the bathroom floor or go flouncing out in front of Ambrose stark naked.

I ain’t ashamed of my body or nothin’, but Ambrose would not appreciate the nude show. He’d get the whole wrong idea and kick me outta the room.

Robin sighed and put his shirt in the sink. He proceeded to do a full strip.

All of his clothes wound up crumpled in the sink.

What if ‘sellta were to suddenly appear in here? Here, right next to me? I’m guessin’ he’d get all embarrassed and get the heck out.

But what if he weren’t embarrassed? What if he liked what he saw?

Robin spread his hands on the counter and looked up at his reflection.

His scar.

His bare skin.

The slight slump to his right shoulder.

“Can he like this? Can someone as beautiful as Isellta really love a mess up like me?”

Ambrose banged on the door. “I don’t hear any water running. Are you okay in there?”

“I swear you’re like my freakin’ mother. Bug off! I’m gettin’ in the shower now.”

“Oh. Good.”


Ambrose retreated to the bathroom down the hall. He did a quick strip, dropping his clothes on the floor, and hopped into the shower.

He turned the water all the way to the hot side and waited for it to fully heat up before switching the shower on.

Ambrose closed his eyes as the hot water pelted his back. “mmm. feels good.”

Soon, Barbara. So very soon.

He arched his back into the falling water.

Will you want me?

Will you look at me as I am and see someone desirable?

Am I worth it?


Robin turned on the faucet and ducked his head under the medium warm water. He ruffled up his hair, trying to get it as wet as quickly as possible.

I’m gonna see Ambrose get married.

Oh, ‘sellta. I wish you were comin’ with. Bet you ain’t never seen a weddin’ before. I ain’t even sure if fey get married. There’s so much I wanna know. I got so many questions.


My beautiful fey.

He squished shampoo onto his hands and scrubbed it into his hair. A snippet of a melody played in his mind. Robin hummed it as he rinsed out the shampoo.

“mm-hmm-mm-me nae si na.
Aish ka shi oh mi na. Ooo.
Aish ka fae si shi sha.
Ooo-ooo. Ooo-ooo. Ooo.”

He opened his eyes.

That song.

The shampoo drifted down his face to his jawline down his neck.

It’s Isellta’s song.

He smiled. “I’ll sing it to him tonight when I see him. When I finally see him.”

The one I love.


I don’t know if I’m worth it or not, but I will hope for the best.

I will be good to her. I will treat her with care. I won’t hurt her. I’ll show her in every way possible that I love her.

Ambrose rinsed the shampoo out of his hair.

And hopefully she’ll love me too.

Hopefully I’ll be good enough for her.

Hopefully she won’t reject me.

Hopefully she’ll want me and not just this one time. She’ll want me again and again.

And hopefully she’ll tell me if I’m doing something wrong. She’ll tell me why I’m not good enough.

If I’m not good enough for her.

He looked up into the falling water.

God, please let me be good enough for her. Please don’t let her break me the way Rebecca did.

Let me make her happy.

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