Part 1966 – Ambrose And Robin Are Awake Now Too! Yay!

Raven entered the elevator.

The door closed behind him.

He pressed the button for the first floor.

The elevator descended.

Missy, I wish I could stay with you. Yet, I know I cannot stay. A great misfortune would surely take place if I do. I do not doubt it.

Yet, all the same…

He closed his eyes and projected his thoughts to her.

Missy. Wake soon. Do not leave me waiting endlessly. I miss you. Do you miss me as well? Do you still want me? Missy, am I still your pretty shirtless Raven?

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to the first floor.

He got off and headed to the front lobby. Even though his stomach growled and grumbled, Raven kept his thoughts focused on her.


My Missy.

Come back to me.

Raven made it through the front lobby all the way to the front door.

I will return as soon as I can.

He stepped out into the night.


Ambrose opened his eyes and found Robin still holding on to him as tight as he could. The older vampire smiled.

You aren’t the one I want to wake up to.

He petted Robin’s hair.

But this feels good.

This feels safe.

“I’m going to miss this. I’m going to miss being the one you turn to when you have bad dreams or when you need a shoulder to cry on. I never thought I’d feel this way. I’ve been so used to being on my own, to caring only about myself and my own needs. Protecting myself. Keeping myself alive. Taking what I want. Hurting whoever I want and who cares about the consequences?”

His heart warmed as he thought of her. “Barbara changed that whole mindset. And so did you.”

Robin grunted. “Sure are doin’ a whole lot of talkin’ for a vampire who ain’t even had a bite yet.”

Ambrose laughed. “What makes you think I haven’t had a bite yet?”

Robin released him and sat up. “Dummy. I’ve been huggin’ you super tight all day. Or whate’er amount of the day. I’d know if you got up.”

“Would you?”


Ambrose raised his arms and stretched. “Mmmnn.”

Robin quickly got out of bed. “I’m takin’ a shower before you and that is that.”

Ambrose lowered his arms and gave the younger vampire a scrutinizing look. A smile spread across his face. “You like it when I stretch.”

Robin turned away from him.

“You think I look attractive.” He smirked. “Or is attractive too mild a word?”

“Dumb stupidhead. I’m takin’ a shower now. Bye.” He marched into the bathroom.

“You better not put the same clothes on. Raven will have an aneurysm if he catches you in wrinkled clothes.”

Robin stuck his head out of the bathroom. “Well, that’s just dumb. We gotta change into our tuxes anyway. What’s the point in doin’ one more unnecessary costume change?” He slammed the door shut before Ambrose could answer. “Just dumbness.”

Ambrose got out of bed and opened his dresser. “hmm. What to wear. What to wear.”

Robin does have a good point, but it makes life so much simpler if we keep Raven happy. No one likes an unhappy Raven.

“Ah!” He pulled out his black hoodie with the neon green pullstrings, a pair of black slacks, underwear, and socks.

Ambrose marched over to the bathroom door and knocked on it. “Hey. Are you done in there yet?”

“Darnation! I ain’t even taken my clothes off yet!”

“Well, hurry up.”

“Stupid stupid stupid Ambrose. This ain’t the only shower.”

“I know. But I like this one.”

“You only like it because I’m in it. It’s some sort of buggerin’ thing you got goin’ on.”


Ambrose shrugged. “I have no idea what that means.” He raised his voice. “Fine. I’ll use the one in the hallway. Just no barging in or I’ll throw you out of the room.”

“Ha! You wish I’d barge in.”

“Not really. The shower is my quiet place. It’s my sanctuary.” His stomach growled. “We’ll talk later. hungry.”

“Well, go! Sheesh!”

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