Part 1960 – See You Tonight.

John touched foreheads with Clarice and closed his eyes.


He smiled. “Say it again.”

“John. John Addleston.”

“Clarice Vansing.” He opened his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

She opened her eyes. “What for?”

“We have to go. I have to go. It’s getting late.”

“I know.” She lowered her hands. “Today has been the longest day ever.”

“But I managed to spend most of it with you.”

She ran her index finger along his soft jawline. “I would love to spend all of it with you.”

“And I with you. I love you, Clarice. I can’t help but admit it. I love you.”

His frankness and honesty stole away her words – both witty and bland – leaving her with nothing to say.

He moved in and kissed her again.

Her words returned. “I love you too, John.”

And they were the truth.


Barbara looked at Ambrose through her eyelashes. He was so close to her.

So close to her lips.

So close to her skin. She wouldn’t have to reach far to touch him or to kiss him. He was right there.

Just one touch.

Just one.

A simple touch.

A nothing touch.

She posed her fingertip above his ear.

She touched just the rim of his ear.

He took a long, deep breath.

She moved her finger down the curve to the back of his ear lobe.

He exhaled. His fingers and claws flared out.

That’s when she realized a great truth.

“I’m sorry, kitten. I have to go. I’ll see you tonight.”

She quickly got out of bed and walked over to her father. “I’m going home now.”

“Ah, we were getting ready to go too.” John gave her a concerned look. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Barbara, are you sure?”

She quietly considered the answers to both meanings of that one question.

It doesn’t matter how he meant it. The answer is the same.

“Yes. I’m very sure.”

His expression relaxed. “Good. Come with us. We’ll walk you out.”



The three humans left the room and closed the door. Their voices blended into a joyful noise as they headed downstairs.


Ambrose turned his head and listened to the fading out of their voices. He listened for her voice.

Barbara’s voice.

The only one that mattered to him.

He could still feel the trace of her body heat behind his ear lobe. A touch of her semi-sweet scent clung to his skin.

It isn’t too much longer, love.

Just a few more hours.


Isellta walked up the aisle dressed in a white tank top, white boxers, and with his bare feet painted glossy white. A simple diamond headband kept his bangs out of his eyes. Matching diamond cuff bracelets covered his wrists.

He didn’t wear a veil and he didn’t carry any sort of bouquet. It didn’t matter.

He looked beautiful.

Raven wept at the sight of it all. “I told him to wear Louis Vuitton, but he refused to listen to me. Oh, the freaking injustice of it all!”

Stupid Raven. Ev’ryone knows Louis Vuitton don’t do dresses for guys.

Isellta stopped in front of Robin. He flapped his wings.

The scenery changed into a red and black colored war zone. Wounds and bruises marred Isellta’s emaciated face. His wings hung straight down, but they looked wrong, as if they were broken. Blood clumped up his blond hair. “Can you still love me, Robin?”

Robin didn’t have to think it over. He hugged him. “I’ll love you no freakin’ matter what.”


Robin’s eyes fluttered open.

It’s true.

I’d still love that stupid fey e’en if he were all beaten and messed up lookin’. He’s worth it. He so freakin’ worth it.

Robin smiled. “I’ll tell him that when I see him tonight. In just a few small hours, I’ll see my ‘sellta again.”

“ngh.” Ambrose grumbled. “stop talking in your sleep. trying to sleep.”

“Tch. Stupid dumbhead. You’d be able to sleep a whole lot better if you weren’t glompin’ all over my legs.”

Ambrose shot up into a sit. “What? Who’s glomping who?”

“Stupid dumb idiot moose.”

“What? A…moose?” Ambrose frowned. “Wait. A moose did what?”

“Just shut up and get yourself over here.”

Ambrose cast a look at the pillows. “I’d rather sleep over there.”

“Of course you would. So, get over there and I’ll join you.”

“Okay.” Ambrose crawled over to the head of the bed and burrowed under the blanket.

Robin joined him.

The older vampire yawned. “jusnofreakystuff.”

Robin snorted. “As if I would do that sorta thing with you.” He snuggled close to him.

“There’s always a first time.”

“You freakin’ wish.”

Ambrose smiled. “See you tonight.”

Robin thought about Isellta. “Yeah. See ya.”

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