Part 1959 – No, You Can’t Do That Or That, But You Can Do This.

And so I did.

I proposed to Gerald Vansing and I married him.

Clarice thought about all of the good and the bad in their shared lifetime.

All of the beautiful.

All of the ugly.

There are so many things I would do differently or say differently if I were given a second chance.

But I would still marry him.

I would never change that, no matter how many second chances I’d be given. I would always marry Gerald Vansing, vampire hunter.

John re-entered the room with Barbara trailing after him.

Clarice got off the bed and went over to him. “Hey, you overflowing cup of wonderful manliness.”

He smiled and her heart fluttered.

She put her hand above her heart and wondered at its fluttering.

What am I? Thirteen years old all over again?

“John.” She spread her other hand on his chest. “You make me feel so young.”

He covered that hand with both of his hands.

If I were butter, I’d melt. Melt all over the place.

“Your hands are so warm.” she said.

“Clarice, you are warm.”

Well! If he’s going to say something like that…

Clarice kissed him.

And he didn’t object.


Barbara hesitated before walking back to the bed.

Ambrose had rolled onto his chest. His face was buried in the blanket. His arms were stretched out along the sides of his head.

And she just couldn’t resist. She got up on the bed and sat next to him.

It would be so easy to take it a step further and lie down. Not to do anything, of course. Just.

Just to…just.

I don’t know. Just to be closer to him, I guess.

But it would be so awkward to do that right here in front of Dad.


Then, what if I just run my finger down the middle of his back?

No. Touching him like that might be too provocative. I would want to do more.

He would want me to do more.

It wouldn’t be fair to either of us.

Barbara sat back on her feet and thought about all of the things she had discussed with her father.

I’m going to be nervous. There’s no getting around that fact.

But he’ll be nervous too.

“It’s a lovely thought. You’ve been with X amount of women. You know what your body can do. There is no mystery for you. But our first time together will make you nervous too. So nervous it will be like you’ve never done it before.”

Ambrose “mmmm”‘ed into the mattress.

That one muffled sound sent tingles down her spine.

I want to grab him.

I want to flip him onto his back.

I want to kiss him until he wakes up.

She smiled ruefully. “It’s just too bad he’s so impossible to move when he’s sleeping like this.”

But there is one thing I can do.

She moved closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I have to go. But I’ll see you tonight and every night after that. I love you, Ambrose, and I always will.”

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