Part 1958 – A Memory Of Something Amazing.

Clarice sat on the edge of the bed and waited for John to return.

Hmm. I’m a sitting duck. If these two vampires decide to make a meal of me, I’m not sure if I’d know how to react. I wonder if I’d be able to react at all.

She sighed. “I hope that I’d be able to at least scream. A long, satisfyingly loud scream.”

Clarice half-turned and took notice of the two men’s auras. A navy blue aura surrounded Ambrose’s frame. Small glints of starlight sparked in random patterns.

She focused on Robin. A kaleidoscope of colors shimmered around him in a constant state of change.

Gerry, if you were here, you’d see it too. I’d be able to ask you what they meant. I never did take that Aura Reading class. I wanted to take it with you. Of course, it was all stuff you already knew, but it would have been fun to take it with you.

She smiled at a memory…


Gerald and Clarice ducked behind the last row of seats in the movie theater.

She covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

His aura sparkled like fireworks and lit up his face.

His impish smile made her want to kiss him. “And here I thought you were a respectable hunter.” 

“Don’t worry, Clary. I’m very respectable.”

A couple of people walked through the last row.

Gerald and Clarice ducked down further. She nearly burst into a giggle fit. He bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from laughing, which almost got her laughing.

“So, what are we doing back here anyway?” she whispered. “You know, besides being flirty and furtive.” 

“I wanted to show you something amazing.” 

She let out a quick laugh that she just couldn’t hold back. “My mom would not approve. Me, on the other hand?” She licked her lips. “Mm. Mm. Mm. Bring on that smokin’ hot lovin’.” 

He choked out a surprised laugh. “That is not what I meant. We just have to wait a few more minutes.” 

“For what?” 

“For the place to fill up and then? You’ll see.”  They stayed low as more and more people filed into the theater.

She side-glanced at him.

His black hair.

His gold-green eyes. 

If we have children, I hope they take after him. 

It was a surprising thought and it came out of nowhere.

He hasn’t even proposed to me yet. Not yet, anyway.

The theater lights dimmed.

“Okay.” he said softly. “Are you ready?” 


“Then, follow my lead.”

They both peeked over the top of the seats in front of them.

Clarice gasped.

He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered, “Do you see it too?” 

Everyone’s auras shined in the darkened theater. So many different colors and varying degrees of brightness. It was like looking at a perfect night sky.  

“Ohh.” Clarice exhaled.

The movie projector came to life, playing out the trailers to upcoming movies and washing out the weaker auras. But the stronger ones shined on, even in the projector’s bright light.

Gerald smiled at her. “Is that worth it or what?” His aura shifted to its normal bright white. 

“Oh, yes.”  She loved the happiness in his eyes and on his face.

I want him to take the time and explain to me what the different colors mean. I’m sure he knows.

I want to marry him. Even if I have to be the one to propose, I will marry this man.

I swear it. 

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