Part 1946 – A Sleepy Ambrose Is A Flirtatious Ambrose?

Barbara wanted to take it slow. She wanted to have a few minutes to think it over a little more. What she was going to say. What she was going to do.

Then, she heard the thumpthumpthumpthump of Sarah running up the stairs. There wasn’t any time to think.

Barbara ran after her.


Flames trailed down Sarah’s spine as she ran.

Barbara was not going to get in her way.

She was going to see Ambrose again and make him read to her. There were no maybes about it. It was going to happen.

Barbara was not going to stop her.


By the time Barbara reached the top of the stairs, Sarah had opened the bedroom door and entered the room.

She didn’t think about should or shouldn’t, right or wrong.

Barbara ran into the bedroom. Her stomach fluttered out of control as she approached the bed.

Sarah jumped up on the bed with her book and crawled defiantly towards the black-haired vampire.

Ambrose slept along Robin’s back and on top of the blanket. So, Barbara could see that he hadn’t changed into his tank top and shorts.

It disappointed her.

It disappointed her far more than she’d expected.

Her gaze traveled down the long curve of Ambrose’s back. She felt something that was almost hunger and almost an ache. It was something that could only be expressed in two words: I want.

Tempting mental images teased her mind…

Slipping her hand under his hoodie’s hem.

Sliding it up his spine.

Ambrose lying behind her just like that…just not quite so dressed.


I want.

Sarah poked him over and over until he let out an annoyed grunt. Then, she resorted to slapping the hard-backed book against his shoulder.

He growled.

He stopped in mid-growl and sniffed the air.

Barbara quickly backed away.

“nnnngh.” He raised his head. “Bar’ra? izz tha’ you?”

I knew this was a bad idea.

He sat up and rubbed the heels of his palms against his closed eyes. His hair was delightfully disordered. A good percentage of it stood in sloppy cowlicks. The zipper of his hoodie had mysteriously slipped down, exposing his neck, his throat, and at least four inches of his bare chest.

I should look away.

I should leave the room.



I want.


He lowered his hands and smiled sleepily. “This is a dream, isn’t it? Barbara wouldn’t come here. Too much temptation.”

“Oh, you have no idea how tempting you look right now.”

He opened his eyes a little wider.

I want to touch him.

I want to kiss him.

I want.

I want him.

“Barbara? Is it really you? Are you really here?”

She nodded.

He got out of bed and headed straight to her.

Barbara felt like her entire head had turned into a full-blown steam engine. “Ambrose, I—”

He stopped. “Barbara.” His voice was so warm and sleepy it made her knees quake.

“Um. Umm. I—” She backed away to keep herself from rushing forward. “I needed to talk to you.”

“So, you came here. Naughty girl. I thought we agreed that was a bad idea.”

“Oh, it is. It’s a horrible idea.”

He laughed. “You don’t have to agree that quickly or ardently.” He smiled flirtatiously. “It just might hurt my feelings.”

Barbara desperately wished that she had something to grab onto, something to anchor her down. “Umm.”

His smile stretched into a lazy grin. “You’re blushing, you naughty, provocative girl. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re trying to lure me over to you.”

Barbara swallowed hard. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

How can he be this calm and collected? Is it because he’s tired? That would make sense.

Sarah got off the bed and marched over to Ambrose. She tugged aggressively on his sleeve.

He redirected his smile at her and Barbara felt somewhere between disappointed and gypped. “Hey.”

She thrust the book at him.

“You want me to keep reading to you?”

She nodded emphatically.

“All right. Fair warning: I am tired. I might fall asleep in mid-sentence. So, please don’t thwack me over the head with your book if that happens.”

Sarah made a thinking about it face before nodding.

“Come on. Let’s sit down on the bed.” He slowly raised his gaze to his fiancée. “That way, Barbara won’t have to scoop me off the floor.”

Barbara gestured at the open door. “I’m going out there to get some fresh air. I feel umm…overheated.”

“I’ll be here.” He winked at her before following Sarah back to the bed.

Barbara fled the room.

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