Part 1919 – Well. That Was Unexpected.

The nae bi sha slunk low to the ground and charged at him.

Don’t worry, little fey. I won’t forget about you.

He roared and leapt at Capernaum.

I’ll get you all in good time, little fey.


A roar sounded in the dark.

Isellta lay perfectly still. His eyes were wide. He didn’t even try to breathe.


He winced at the pain that one thought caused him. Yet, he thought it again.


He thought it with a lost desperation.


His headache worsened with every thought. He exhaled. “Robin.” His voice was tired and cracked and wrong sounding to his own ears.

He closed his eyes and said it again, “Robin.”


The nae bi sha fell straight through Capernaum and tumbled head over back over feet over tail. He rolled himself back up on his feet and snarled at the ghost.

“That was interesting.” Capernaum smoothed his hands over his chest. “Never had that happen to me before. Do you want to try again?”

The nae bi sha growled. He was too furious and confused to put any of it into words. So, he growled instead.

“Robin.” A weak, cracked voice called out.

Capernaum smiled. “I’m willing to bet that’s Isellta.”


Capernaum disappeared.

The nae bi sha ran back to Isellta as fast as he could.

If he touches him, Isellta will give in. He’ll go back. I can’t let him go back.


Capernaum appeared next to Isellta. He knew that it was Isellta. There was no mistaking that child-soft blond hair and those full black wings.

He knelt beside him and said gently, “Hello, boy.”

Isellta opened his eyes and stared blankly at him. He inhaled.

“I’ve come to take you home.”

Isellta blinked.


The nae bi sha saw the intruder kneeling beside Isellta. He quickly transformed into Robin and ran to the intruder’s side. “Get away from him. He’s mine.”

Capernaum gave him a cold, disregarding look. “No, he isn’t.” He tried to scoop Isellta up in his arms.

His arms passed right through him.

The nae bi sha relaxed. “So, now what are you going to do?”

Capernaum stood. “We will bring Robin here. He will come. Isellta will know him. He will run to him and you know it, creature.”

The nae bi sha opened his mouth to tell him all manner of rude things.

Capernaum disappeared.


Isellta knew without thinking that it was all just a dream. The strange glowing man wasn’t real. His strange words were not real.

Robin was here beside him. He was real.

The strange glowing man was nothing but a strange dream.

He closed his eyes.


The nae bi sha gathered Isellta up into his arms. “Don’t worry, little fey. I will not let him touch you again.”

Isellta lolled his head back and opened his eyes a crack.

The nae bi sha kissed the fey’s forehead. “I’m here. Your Robin is right here. Sleep, Isellta. Go to sleep.”


Capernaum opened his eyes. It took him several minutes to reorient himself to Jay’s bedroom.

No darkness.

No lines.

No Isellta.

No creature of shadows.

If he had a proper body and breath within it, he would have sighed.

This is going to be a long conversation. I’d better make myself visible.

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