Part 1905 – Leaving Pinkerlee (Carthage)

The car was quiet.

Too quiet.

Carthage could hear his thoughts and his doubts as if he were talking them out loud. It was creepy and unnerving.

He turned on the radio to a random music station.

“And that’s why I drink my protein shake every morrrrning. It’s so important to drink it every morrrning. I get sick with stomach pains if I don’t drink it every morrrrning.”

He frowned and skipped over to another music station.


Another music station.

“And that was ‘Tequilla In The Moon’ by Cher. Next up, ‘We’re Gonna Party Party Party Party Party Party With Perry and Marty’ by The She Dogs From Dublin.”

“No thanks.” Carthage muttered. He stopped at a red light and pulled out his ‘Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet Of 1812′ soundtrack. He slid the first disc into his cd player and blissed out to the introductory accordion’s long drone.

The light turned green. He drove through it while quietly singing along with Josh Groban, “There’s a war goin’ on out there somewhere and Andray isn’t here.”

As he sang through the long list of main and minor characters, his thoughts turned to Mark Caten.

Will he accept me?

What do I even have to offer him without XQ?

Will Mark Caten laugh in my face and tell me to jump off the local toll bridge?

If I can’t work for him, where will I go? What will I do?

Work at the local fast food place?

With my credentials?

I don’t think so. But what will I do?

“Dolokhov is fierce, but not too important.”

I am important. I know how to create XQs. Give me the right equipment and I can do it.

Carthage drove through the next red light.

“He’ll accept me. Mark Caten would be a world class fool and idiot to turn me down.”

He merged onto the highway and headed towards Henspence.

“And Andray isn’t here.”


LM leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He listened to the train’s steady rhythm.

It’s so steady.


Straight lines.

Parallel lines leading us from here to there. We are here now. Soon we’ll be there.

There in Henspence.

How far away is Henspence? How fast are we moving? When will we get there?

I could ask her these questions, but I’m not sure if she’d know the answers. Capernaum would know. He knew everything.

Capernaum, my dear friend. Where are you now? Are you here with me or are you still at their home? Do you still expect me to stay with them? If you do, I don’t understand why. They aren’t interested in me. They don’t care about me. I can come and go and they don’t notice.

But I really don’t know where else to go.

I wish you were here. I want to talk to you. I always enjoyed our conversations. I miss them.

I miss you.

My dear friend, I wish you were here with me.

LM sighed. “Wake me when we get there.”

“I will.” Maelin said.

2 thoughts on “Part 1905 – Leaving Pinkerlee (Carthage)”

    1. Thank you so much!

      I had a lot of fun choosing Capernaum’s and Carthage’s names. I liked the idea of them having these ancient cities/biblical type of names. It makes them sound mysterious and cool and they know it. 😆

      I had named another character Antioch. I really liked his name, because it suited him. It has such a harsh, unfriendly sound to it. It’s reminiscent of something with spikes and sharp edges and pointy elbows.


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